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Phi Phi Island Activities | From Cock Fighting and Gambling to Hair braiding Shopping, a
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Besides the usual beach activities and water sports like diving, a wide variety of other activities is on offer on the Phi Phi Islands. Something for everyone, from cock fighting to Muay Thai tournaments or sports like kayaking, rock climbing and cliff jumping are readily available.

View Point and the sunset

To see the classic view of Phi Phi Island follow the path behind Phi Phi Don Village and ask for the View Point. The path is very good, and it will take between 25 and 55 minutes. On arriving you see the uninterrupted view of Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Sunrise

Many people unable to make the hike up to view point in the morning go to Long Beach to watch the sun spill on to the Phi Phi Don cliffs at dawn.

Massage treatment on Phi Phi

Check out the 20 and more massage shops on Phi Phi Island. They give varying expertise and it can take a couple of tries to find the one that you enjoy most. The massage staff trained at Wat Po (Center for Thai Massage in Bangkok) have a good reputation. Thai Massage courses over 2/3/4 day are also available.

Gym Time on Phi Phi Don

The ,uxury Phi Phi Cabana Hotel has a fitness room. The village has a gym called King Kong over near the Hippies Bar. This is not a slick place with the latest aerobic equipment but has some weights and is a good place to hang out with like minded people.

Phi Phi Boxing

Every night of the week the Reggae Bar complex is fight night with live real Thai Boxing. These Bangkok professionals have a training camps down here on Phi Phi Island. Friday night the purse is real and so is the fight. They get some big national names in the high season. Fight night is big and so are the crowds. Dirty Sanchez got his movie made here on Phi Phi Island and since then the owners let anybody brave enough or fool enough jump in the ring. It's a hell of strange, interesting, fun night.

Hair braiding

Given the time it takes to braid hair this is good value. It is highly popular amongst the younger crowd.


The snooker hall next used to be next to Tintin's bar and Club has 6 full size tables, 80 baht an hour and was destroyed by the Tsunami of December 2004. Recently there are snooker tables opposite Moskito Diving in the village and just be hind Phi Phi Hotel.

Cock Fight and Fish Fighting

The local Muslims love to gamble and Cock Fighting and Fish Fighting can be seen every now and again.

Local Tournaments

About 3 times a year Phi Phi hosts a football tournament-islands style. About 15 teams fight it out over 10 days of serious sport……Gambling of the sponsors make some delightfully strange moments like, canceling the final during the match because of a disagreement over a foul.

Tattoo shops on Phi Phi Don

There were 3 tattoo shops when I last visited Phi Phi Island (July 2008). Young traveling local guys seem to love making a career of the artistry of tattooing. The traveling crowd love tattoos and so together they have a life. Some of the artwork is very good.

Phi Phi Shopping

  • Silver; This is popular gift as it is light and easy to carry or just wear. The silver designs are both exotic and western and southern Thailand is famous for the large number of unique interesting designs. If you are a diver check out the silver necklaces with marine themes... some are very cool indeed.
  • The directory of Phi Phi Shopping mentions wood gifts. From Toy to ornate carvings.
  • Batiks; These vary from simple sarongs to beautiful landscapes and this is some of the best value for Phi Phi shopping.
  • Clothes; This is mostly copy brand names + assortment of T-Shirts with Phi Phi Island designs. These are the very popular copies.
  • Cosmetics; Sun cream and simple drugs can be found.
  • Painting shop. Get your favourite masterpiece copied at a fraction of the price in the west.
  • Newspapers; By the time they get to Phi Phi the papers are yesterday's!!!

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012

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