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Snorkeling on Phi Phi Island

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Sergent Major near Phi Phi Island

Snorkeling on Phi Phi Island is a brilliant holiday experience.

My favorites are the north wall of Loh Samah on Phi Phi Ley Island where a huge boulder has fallen from the cliff above many years ago and has made a natural tunnel where 1000's of minute fish shelter from the bigger fish. When the sun hits this area of Phi Phi Ley, the colors leave you breathless.

Another more remote snorkeling favorite is Hin Klang between Bamboo Island and the main Phi Phi Don. This is a tidal reef, the most dangerous on Phi Phi island but if you have a good guide has a wonderful variations of massive shoals of minute fish and colorful coral.

The one day snorkel trip of all the Phi Phi islands is the best value trip to see the best snorkel spots of the region.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011