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Phi Phi Island is a tiny island and the surrounding islands are even smaller. This is not a holiday destination like New York or other big cities where you can find pharmacies on every street corner. It is always a good idea to bring with you everything you may need including basic pharmaceutical needs and of course any special needs you may have.

Keiritas Yoga On Phi Phi



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Keiritas Yoga Flyer On Phi Phi Island
Keiritas Yoga Class on Phi Phi Island
Keiritas Yoga Balance Phi Phi Islan
Yoga instructions on Phi Phi Island
Yoga is a healthy way to become one with your own breath, your natural surroundings. On Phi Phi Island, the glorious views lend themselves to passing the afternoons before sunset, relaxing down and taking in a yoga class. Keira teaches both Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga and is as happy

Phi Phi Island Hospital



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The small Phi Phi Hospital near the ferry pier
Beachside location of the Phi Phi Island Hospital
Consultation facilities at the Phi Phi Island Hospital
Consultation at the Phi Phi Hospital
There is a small Hospital on Phi Phi Island for smaller accidents and injuries. It is located in between The Beach Club and the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel, not far from the main pier.

Thai Massage On Phi Phi Island



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Foot massage salon on Phi Phi Island
Sawasdee Thai Massage Shop on Phi Phi Island
Thai massage girls outside their parlor on Phi Phi Island
Thai Massage on offer on Phi Phi Island
Shops that offer Phi Phi massages are everywhere. There are several Phi Phi massage shops, and often times massages are provided as services in hotels, spas and on local beaches. They vary in prices, but most Phi Phi massages are very reasonably priced.