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Speed Boat Hire From To And Around Phi Phi

There aren't many ways to get to Phi Phi Island. The most popular way is by ferry, but a faster way that may cost more (if you know how to negotiate, you may get a better deal) but is worth the expense is a speedboat for hire. The cost is high because the owners of the boats pilot most of them. It's not easy to rent a speedboat on your own to get to Phi Phi Island.

Also, something to note about speedboats to hire bound for Phi Phi Island is they go very fast, and if you are prone to sea sickness, it would be wise to pick up some medication before boarding the boat.

Speedboats For Hire While On Phi Phi Island

Many of the places to stay on Phi Phi Island have speedboats for hire. Most of these boats also come with a driver and all the necessary insurance and safety equipment. Half day and full day tours on single engine or twin engine speedboats are available. Many tourists take advantage of speedboats for hire by renting them for more than one trip and going with another family. This enables them to negotiate better rates.

Booking Speedboats For Hire on Phi Phi Island

Not only do those who take advantage of a speedboat to hire on Phi Phi Island enjoy a thrilling ride, they can also take advantage of eo km of snorkeling reefs, beach hopping and diving opportunities. Speedboats stop at the best places as they have shallow drafts and can get to beaches that larger boats cannot.

One popular place to go in your speedboat for hire is the Phi Phi Tonsai Bay (the starting point for most beaches and other accommodation). This is the main beach where ferries from Phuket and Krabi dock. There are no roads in Phi Phi, so speedboats can reach beaches that cannot be reached by walking.

Tourists can also do day trips on a speedboat to hire from Phuket. These trips include land transfer by an air-conditioned vehicle, trip by speedboat with a licensed tour guide to Phi Phi Island, soft drinks, fruits, snacks and water. Some trips also include snorkeling equipment and lunch, entrance into the Marine National Park and all necessary insurance.

Last Updated: 14 May 2012

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Speed Boat Hire From To And Around Phi Phi
Speed Boat Hire From To And Around Phi Phi

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