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View over Tonsai Bay from the Phi Phi Viewpoint

The Phi Phi islands are located about 48 Km southeast from Phuket, 42 km south from Krabi Town and 40 km from Ao Nang Beach. They can be reached in between 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on the type of boat you choose. Boats leave from Phuket, Ao Nang and the Chao Far Pier in Krabi Town on a daily basis.

The rugged Phi Phi Islands are characterised by steep, lightly vegetated cliffs rising vertically from the seabed and hidden bays concealing petite, pristine beaches and calm clear waters. The flat land where accommodation can be found accounts for less than 10 % of the total and so Phi Phi Island is characterized by mountains and cliff. The rest of the island is a series of bays and mini strips of beach, ideal places for an afternoon in paradise. The landscape memories and leaves indelibly memories, this is the stuff of movie sets as organised by Hollywood in their movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio.

Phi Phi Hotels and Resorts

There are many types of Phi Phi Resorts and Phi Phi Hotels that cater for all budgets. You can stay in the 5 star Zeavola Resort Phi Phi or the family run Andaman Beach Resort both on the beach but according to your tastes. There are also many guesthouses that cater to the needs of the traveler on a budget and backpackers at the back of Phi Phi Don Village and up the slopes towards the view point. This eclectic mix of accommodation ensures Phi Phi Island keeps a happening character that marks it out as one of Thailand 's most popular tourist destinations.

Phi Phi Ley and Maya Bay

Phi Phi Ley island lies about a half hour from Phi Phi Don by longtail boat and is touted by locals as one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and uninhabited islands in the area. The only people who live on the island are the national Park Wardens who keep the island clean and watch after the natural environment.

Phi Phi Ley is virtually all cliff and caves! There are 2 bays, Loh Samah and Maya Bay and an improbable fjord like Pi Ley inlet and a series of caves where the local people still farm the birds nest for the famous Chines soups.

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Ley was the original setting for the Hollywood blockbuster movie 'The Beach '. Overall, The Phi Phi island group is favored by yachtsmen and scuba divers who can discover and savor peaceful anchorage, tranquility and privacy.

Phi Phi Dive Sites

The other key point is the diversity of diving reefs and habitats on Phi Phi Island. The steep wall dives of Bida are very different to the large boulder swim through's on Phi Phi Ley or the rocky out crops at Shark Point, Hin Bida, Garen Heng and Hin Dot or the exciting wreck dives at the sunken King Cruiser ferry.

Phi Phi Diving tours

Phi Phi is one of Thailand's key scuba diving destinations and the 20 or so schools bears testament not only to the popularity but the importance of Phi Phi Island dive sites. One of the key aspects of the accommodation and resorts in Phi Phi Don Village is that they have a bespoke dive pier and that the dive sites are only 10 minutes from shore. Compared to the hour long boat rides you must take to good coral reefs if you are staying in Phuket or Krabi Province this is a major advantage.

Phi Phi Confined water

Learning to dive is a very enjoyable experience as most of the dive schools used the roped off sandy bottom confined water in front of the Phi Phi Cabana Hotel to practice the necessary techniques for safety. The views above the water of the Tonsai Cliffs at the end of the day are tremendous, the atmosphere magical.

Snorkeling, kayaking and remote Phi Phi Island locations.

There are many other world class adventure opportunities on Phi Phi Island. Snorkeling and sea kayaking around the other islands such as, Nui Bay, Wang Long and Bamboo Island are a glorious addition to the adventure potential on Phi Phi Island with many secluded bays and shallow reefs. Or if exploring the the beaches is your thing their are many sight seeing tours and opportunities get a great tan.

Some of the original Phi Phi activities are sightseeing to Phi Phi Ley, shark watching by snorkeling, cliff jumping, speedboat tours make this an island for the adventurer paradise.

Phi Phi Dining and Nightlife

Phi Phi has a sea location and so has an extensive range of sea food restaurants down by the beach. The most prominent on the beach are Tonsai Restaurant, Chao Koh Seafood, Ciao Bella and but most of the resort restaurants have wonderful settings and a wide menu. The Phi Phi Don Village or Tonsai Village has a great selection of western influenced restaurants with a fusion of Thai and western tastes, like Unni’s and Le Grand Blue. At the street level, Phi Phi has a wonderfully diverse selection of Thai curry, pancakes, fried chicken, fruit, shacks and stalls to satisfy the curious.

Phi Phi nightlife surprises many. In such a small holiday location many are balled over by how much fun is had in the bars down by the beach and the few stylized and sports bars in the main village. Most of this action happens at Phi Phi Don Village or Tonsai Village and you can be sure of a big night out.... just follow the crowds...

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2011

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Tonsai Bay from one of the restuarants on the beachfront
Tonsai Bay from the main beach walkway on Phi Phi
View over Tonsai Bay from the Phi Phi Viewpoint
Overlooking panoramic Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi Island