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Best beach on Phi Phi

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Phi Phi National Park (Maya Bay)

This article is for those who need to know what the best beach on Phi Phi is all about. Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don Island has 12 main beaches and most of them can be described as the best as they all offer something different. Choose a mood and there is a best beach for you.

The head line best beach on Phi Phi probably has to go to Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley. Maya Bay is where Leonardo Di Caprio made his backpacker movie 'The Beach'. As the largest bay on the island, Maya Bay has 3 beaches with the one on the south being the largest and most famous. Many tours visit Maya so it can be best to visit in the mid afternoon. In the evening the Maya Bay Camping tour makes the most of this impressive scenery, hanging out down by the beach.

The best beach on Phi Phi Don island is very difficult to track down as there are many that fit the bill. The best party beach is probably Loh Dalum in the Phi Phi Don village. This is the northern side of the famous two village beaches, the southern side being Tonsai Bay. If you want something more peaceful, Monkey Beach, Nui Beach or Wang Long need to be considered.

Best beach on Phi Phi

Best beach on Phi Phi for diving

Staying at the best beach on Phi Phi for diving is really no problem as even the northern beaches are only 15 minutes away from the nearest diving. However Tonsai Bay is the location of Phi Phi Don village and this is where there are over 20 dive schools. It is also where the diving pier is located. From here Hin Dot reef is only 10 minutes, and even Loh Samah Bay Phi Phi Ley is only 20 minutes away. The village is also great for 'confined water' for diving courses. In front of the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel, beginners learn their diving techniques in the sandy shallow clear waters. Under the Tonsai cliffs this is a very powerful experience.

Best beach on Phi Phi for snorkeling

There are 20 km of snorkeling sites on Phi Phi Island so there is always something new to explore. My favourite beaches are Long Beach where the exciting shark watch by snorkeling takes place and Runtee beach in front of Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort. In addition to the I like the western end of Monkey Beach and Wang Long on Phi Phi Don Island. Other snorkeling locations from the beach must be Bamboo Island and if you have time to get there, Mosquito Island. (Don't go to Moquito island at sun rise and sun set for obvious reasons)

Best beach on Phi Phi for luxury accommodation

Best beach on Phi Phi for luxury accommodation is Laem Tong where you can stay at either the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort or Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island. Just 1.5km further south Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa is on Loh Bagao Beach. These luxury resorts are on quiet beaches but have easy access to all the island's best beaches. Lanah Bay is very quiet and not much visited by those staying at Phi Phi Don Village.

Best beach on Phi Phi Information

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Last Updated: 28 May 2012