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Phi Phi Island Activities | Get Close to Sharks While Shark Watching on Phi Phi Island
Coming Around A Boulder; Black Tip Reef Shark In The Phi Phi Shark Watch Snorkel Tour

Phi Phi Island, known for its beaches, climate, and bays, also offers some activities that you just can't do most places you may visit.Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to experience new adventures. Phi Phi Island, as exotic as it is located off the coast line of Thailand, provides such adventures in the name of shark watching.

Western culture has a history of tales of fish eating men. Witness Jonah getting eaten by the whale in the Bible. Moby Dick, one of the all-time great novels of all time, had man fighting the whale in the open sea. And finally, and most importantly, we have the movie Jaws where sharks terrorize a beach. No one goes into the water anymore without thinking of Jaws. It had a permanent effect on our psyche. Now, we get reports of shark gatherings and shark accidents on the TV news. We are clearly fascinated by sharks.

Phi Phi Island shark watching, gets you close to these superb primordial fish without getting hurt. The warm waters of Phi Phi Island attract black tip sharks and makes shark watching a must. Shark watching on Phi Phi Island further adds the range of activities to all thrill-seekers. Allow Phi Phi Guides to take you out in the water and snorkel in the sharks world. Float and watch the silent and sleek forms swim and sometimes circle you. This really leaves you buzzing all day.

Safety While Shark Watching on Phi Phi Island

The black tip reef sharks are not dangerous to humans with no reports of any attacks occurring on Phi Phi or in any of the oceans near Thailand.

Of course, one must follow certain rules, some obvious, when shark watching on Phi Phi Island. Listen to the instructions of your tour guide when shark watching on Phi Phi Island. Sharks are not dolphins-they are instinctive hunters and can always be dangerous if provoked. However the Black Tip reef sharks of Phi Phi are timid and will flee the scene if you make to much movement or noise.

Tours to see the Black Tip Sharks can be organized at Siam UK Tours near the pier or The Adventure Club.

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010

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