Phi Phi Hill Resort


Phi Phi Hill Resort

Overview of Phi Phi Hill Resort

For the traveler inspired by beauty this bungalow resort is difficult to surpass.

Overlooking one of the 3 best (and cleanest) beaches in Thailand, coral reefs and the cliffs of Tonsai and Phi Phi Ley island why would you choose another destination?

The clear views of the deep blue Andaman Sea, the brilliant white sand of Long beach, the lush greens of the mountains beyond and finally the best golden sunsets on Phi Phi Island leave a lasting impression.

Khun Ae is a very natural and friendly owner who keeps her team of staff happy and fun loving.

The resort itself is simple, built in the early 1990's. It is set on a promontary and a small hidden valley and covered with a coconut plantation. Brightly colored landscaping make this a natural resort. The bungalows are well spaced allowing good air flow and a sense of privacy.

This will appeals to those who are more than happy without every creature comfort under the sun.

Note; Access is about 60 steps on a walk way straight up from the sands of Long Beach.

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