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Loh Dalum Beach on Phi Phi Don Island

Phi Phi Island Attractions | The best of Loh Dalum on Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum must rank as one of Phi Phi Island's best beaches. Loh Dalum Bay is the northern beach of the famous dumbbell shape of land that connects the Tonsai cliffs to the viewpoint hills facing them. Loh Dalum is one of Thailand's best beaches.

Loh Dalum bay has a perfectly formed crescent shaped-palm shaded beach with a world class view north of Phi Phi Don Village overlooking the cliffs of Nui Bay and sandwiched between Phi Phi Don Cliffs and the viewpoint hills. It is one of Phi Phi Island’s main attractions and mirrors the Tonsai Bay on the south side where the ferries come in from Phuket and Krabi.

Phi Phi Cabana Hotel

The 2 km Loh Dalum bay is very popular with all types of people during the day as it becomes one of the places to hang out and take in the extraordinary beach scene. At one end near the cliffs you have the established Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel, perhaps the first resort on Phi Phi. Phi Phi Cabana Hotel opens out onto both Loh Dalum and Tonsai but the architect chose the Loh Dalum side for their main view and pool setting. Opposite the main pier and only a 110 meter walk there is the famous and large Tonsai or Banyan Tree which provides shade for the local longtail boat taxi men. Here there is an odd assortment of bars, rent a kayak and the start of the famous PP Princess Resort.

Phi Phi Island Princess

The Tonsai Restaurant of PP Princess Resort is a great place to hang out and watch the day go by, may be sip a cocktail and enjoy some local food. Further along the PP Princess Resort infinity pool makes a cool setting for those who want the views and the water but don’t get into beach time. The massage and treatment rooms here offer a great place to relax. The Nam Tok Restaurant underneath the pool has a lovely sound of running water all day.

Simple Palm's Mini Mart

Strangely but very usefully there is like a 7-11 type mini mart on the beach great if you have forgotten sun cream, need a hat, want some nibbles or drink or just enjoy a moment of air conditioning!

Simple Bungalows on Loh Dalum beach

Phi Phi Anita Resort offer a good budget accommodation right down by the beach and is full of students during the low season and those who just want to feel the sand between their toes in the high season. This is a fun set of simple bungalows ideal for those who want to experience the simple life.

Loh Dalum beach Bar scene

The Apache, Ibiza and Slinky beach bar are the present names of the beach bars on Loh Dalum and along with fire shows and cool tunes give that perfect tropical atmosphere of life under the starry sky. These bars are now fully part of the Phi Phi Nightlife scene. After the noise dies away from the last bar opening people come here to hang out under the stars and wait for sunrise!

Ciao Bella

Luciano still runs the best Italian restaurant on the beach and here you can try some of the islands freshly caught seafood to go along with some exquisite pasta. Under 3 Tonsai trees, with routes growing from the branches you get the shade and atmosphere of a cool beach restaurant.

The Sunflower Bar

The sunflower bar is on the eastern corner of Loh Dalum and is a wonderful beach comber style easy going bar with loads of drift wood sculptures... neat. Just hang out at the Sunflower Bar right on Loh Dalum to get the best of the bay.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort

Overlooking the bay and taking in some superb views along Loh Dalum Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort has a wide variety of room types from fan with rooms high up the slope with the best views to the more luxurious Deluxe Beach Front Seaview. The pool and Blue View Divers also make this a good choice of resort. Raised up above the beach by 3 meters the views from the reception pool restaurant and bar are a continual joy.

Tsunami Memorial Park

There is a small plot of landscaped land behind the Sunflower Bar given over to those who died, were injured during the Indian Ocean Tsunami on Phi Phi Island in 2004. Loh Dalum was particularly badly hit as a 7 meter wave crashed through PP Pavilion Resort, PP Charlies and PP Island Princess Resort. There is a yearly memorial to remember that day on Boxing day 26th December at 10 am.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2012

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