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Walking on Phak Nam Beach in Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay is a great mix of the old and the new. The beaches along Rantee Bay are that old traditional traveller hang out, just you and the wide open tropical seas. In the last few years a few very simple, quiet resorts have tapped into this paradise remind us of the way it was in the 1980's and 1990's when backpackers first came to this part of Thailand.

Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay is on the east coast of Ko Phi Phi Don and far from the 'madding crowd' of the main village and ferry pier. Nestled under the sweep of the main viewpoint mountain this slither of a beachhead is all there is between you and the coral reef 80m out to sea. The wide open views take in Bamboo and Mosquito Islands to the north, the Phrang Nga cliffs and the coastline of Krabi Province and her islands.

Most people get to their Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay accommodation by longtail boat taxi from the main pier but the reef is also often used as one of the key snorkel spots on the many round-the-island tours. These tours are particularly popular in low season as the waters are always calm during the westerly winds. The high season winds(1st November to April 30th) are from the north east and are typified by gentle and cooling sea breezes.

The Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay reef stretches 3 km in either direction of the resorts and though shallow and good for snorkeling has an extensive and highly varied marine ecology. The reef is home to a surprising variety of larger predators from barracuda, to jaks or trevally, longtoms, and a passing black tip shark and marlin. Pods of Dolphin are sometimes seen in low season when the weather is poor.

As Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay is on the east coast it has the perfect and uninterrupted view of the rising full moon. For lovers of the lunar cycle, staying here is quiet special.

Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay by foot

It is possible to get to Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay by foot. Most walk up from the main Ko Phi Phi Don Village by taking the concrete steps and then the cobbled footpath to the View Point look out. The vista from the Viewpoint is inspiring and shows both the Loh Dalum and Tonsai bays back to back with the Tonsai cliffs behind. This is the signature picture of Phi Phi. From here you follow the signs over the undulating top of the mountain past the Co Co shack bar where you can get a drink, and down the steep path the other side to Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort right on the beach.

The other way to go by foot is walk along the coast along the fisherman’s path from Loh Modee, which is accessible from the back of Long Beach. From the northern end it can be reached along the same path from Loh Bagao Beach where the famous Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort and Spa (previously Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa)is found.

Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay accommodation

The main Ko Phi Phi Rantee Bay accommodation are the popular Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort and the Tohko Beach Resort. These simple and quiet bungalow complexes are locally run and are quite literally on the beach.

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2012

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