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Dolphins of the Phang Nga Bay

Phi Phi Island Attractions | The illusive dolphins of the lower Phang Nga bay are seen ne
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay

Dolphins are not common in the the Phang Nga Bay as it is too shallow. There is how ever a rich food source for the Indian bottlenose dolphins and they are spotted in pods of up to 50 when they are seen in the islands. The northern Bay of Phi Phi Don Village is called Dolphin Bay or Loh Dalum and some times hosts a few stray dolphins in low season

Dolphin Sightings off Phi Phi Island

Ferry captains from Phi Phi Islands to Krabi and Phuket say they see dolphin once a month, mainly from February until September. These dolphin sightings can be made going to Phuket or Krabi Provinces but mainly in low season and often are accompanied by bad weather from the Indian Ocean in the west. The Dolphins seem to come into the shallows during these periods. perhaps the feeding is better in these conditions.

Shy and playful dolphins

Unfortunately the dolphins of Thailand are shy and never swim with humans. They will approach boats, ferries and sailing yachts, but will be gone the instant you to get in the sea with them. They were spotted in Tonsai bay in the late 1990s and sailing captains tried to get in the water with them but they were curious but not playful.


Much is written about the Dugong of the southern provinces. It is locally called the River Dolphin and or sea cow. Dugongs eat sea weed and can be found in the river estuaries of the Andaman Sea. Due to overfishing they are now becoming an endangered species. To try to get a glimpse of these rare mammals you must sign up to a snorkeling tour in the Taratao region of southern Thailand

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010

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Calm evening waters at Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay
Phi Phi Loh Dalum Bay