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Most suited to travel and tourism with its gorgeous beaches, tranquil bays, mountains, sea and luxurious palm trees, Phi Phi Island has seen a decrease in industry in recent years which makes for a depressing business profile.

Banks On Phi Phi Island



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Siam Commercial Bank on Phi Phi
Phi Phi branch of Bank of Ayudhya
ATM Machine and money exchange on Phi Phi Island
Banks On Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi has developed quite a bit over the last years and offers now branches of several Thai banks with ATM machines. Thai banks with branches are for example the Siam Commercial Bank and the Bank of Ayudhya. Those branches offer besides the ATM also money exchange to the usual national e

Construction On The Phi Phi Islands



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Phi Phi Island construction of the new main ferry pier
Building base during Phi Phi Island construction
Phi Phi Island Construction
Construction of the new Phi Phi ferry pier
The style of construction on Phi Phi Island for all real estate property is primitive by Thai standards because of the inability to use machinery to make it more efficient. All the raw materials must be humped in from the mainland by ferry to Phi Phi and carted up the beach if the resort ha

Phi Phi Business Infrastructure



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Newly completed main ferry pier on Phi Phi Island
Supply transporters in Tonsai Bay seen from the Phi Phi ferry
Phi Phi Island Busiess Infrastructure
Supply transport shipps mooring at Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi is a small island 48km from the mainland environments as Krabi and Phuket. Phi Phi Island is actually part of Krabi Province and will come under the local control of The Krabi district government. All government infrastructure, police, paperwork, land department, accounting, legal

Phi Phi Post Office 2011 Images



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Hi Phi Post Office
Hi Phi Post Office Opening Hours
Hi Phi Post Office Packaging Boxes
Hi Phi Post Office Post Restant
The New Phi Phi Post Office is opposite the Sea Shell hut guesthouse just 80 meters from the old post office in Phi Phi Don Village. This facilities has the full range of postal service facilities including stamps, aerograms, flat pack boxes for parcels and express and recorded delivery. It