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Construction on the Phi Phi Islands

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Phi Phi Island Construction

The style of construction on Phi Phi Island for all real estate property is primitive by Thai standards because of the inability to use machinery to make it more efficient. All the raw materials must be humped in from the mainland by ferry to Phi Phi and carted up the beach if the resort has access to a beach or carted by hand through the narrow streets of the main village. This is wonderfully time consuming and laborious requiring a large labour force.

Like wise on the actual construction itself on Koh Phi Phi everything has to be done by hand as no large cement pourers can be brought to site. All form work is made from planks that are nailed into place, all re bar is placed in on site, again very laborious.

The advent of steel construction has increased the speed of construction for some projects but the cement construction on the islands of Phi Phi is still the longest lasting.

Last Updated: 28 Aug 2009