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Phi Phi Island Construction

Phi Phi Island generally does not have a great deal of construction. This tiny island paradise is not over developed and it is unlikely that it ever will be. The construction that is seen is usually either renovating existing properties or rebuilding properties.

Phi Phi Island is unlike most holiday destinations because of the lack of large construction projects, trucks, cars, trains and other symbols of "progress" that can typically destroy a holiday. When visiting Phi Phi Island you are putting all that behind you and you are enjoying a wonderful holiday destination filled with natural beauty, great hotels and resorts, fantastic food and beverages, diverse activities and glorious beaches.

Walking around the island is a wonderful experience especially around Phi Phi Don Village and holiday travelers all do walk around the island, especially since the only way to get around the villages is by foot. You can walk through the paths and enjoy a wonderful afternoon shopping, dining, re energizing or basking in the sun.

The main hotels in Tonsai village are the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel and Phi Phi Hotel. These were all built by hand, machines hardly became involved. This is the true Island style!

Phi Phi Island Development

Phi Phi Island does continue to improve and develop its venues, but generally visitors are not hit over the head with massive construction projects like they would in large cities. There is no road construction because there are no roads. The most common sounds are music and the breeze through the trees and that is the type of noise pollution that is music to a holiday traveler's ears.

During the low season some businesses do necessary improvements so they are completed before the next high season. If you are traveling to Phi Phi Island during the low season you may experience a little more Phi Phi construction than you would during the high season but even visitors during the low season get to enjoy a holiday without the typical sounds of a large growing city.

Put all the sights and sounds of a big city behind you and enjoy all the sights, sounds and tastes of an island paradise like Phi Phi Island. You will enjoy all it has to offer including peace and quiet. Plan your Phi Phi Island holiday and get back to the basics of a wonderful holiday in a beautiful setting.

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012

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Phi Phi Island construction of the new main ferry pier
Building base during Phi Phi Island construction
Phi Phi Island Construction
Construction of the new Phi Phi ferry pier