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Construction crane mounted on a ship at Phi Phi Island

The trick for doing business on Phi Phi Island is to get as much preparation done before you get there. Most of the Hotels and Resorts have their main offices on Phuket Island. Most western businesses based on the island get their knowledge on Phuket where there are many translations of regulations into English or German but understand that they must get the actual authority to do business from the Krabi municipality.


Phi Phi Island is part of Krabi Province is thus under the jurisdiction of Krabi legal authorities. All legal work, contracts, paper work must be processed in Krabi so that Phuket Lawyers (there are more here who speak English) cannot get so much done.


There are no accountants with offices on Phi Phi island. Accounting, auditing, tax is processed in Krabi town.

Real Estate

Very little land is for sale as the Phi Phi People and local businesses have understood from the beginning since Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel was built. Most people buying in, rent existing businesses or premises.

Contracts made without a lawyer are valid for 3 years only regardless of what is written on a contract.

Business Center

Siam UK Tours, 70 meters from the pier on the main street has the most amenable services from which to do business, not due to what they have as to who they are staffed by. High speed Internet, Fax and email services, flight confirmations and hotel reservation can be taken care of.

There are no secretarial services on Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Hotel and Phi Phi Cabana have copying machines (when operational...).

Wireless connectivity is available on Phi Phi Island since the end of 2003.

Other centers are at the Phi Phi Hotel which has a quiet room to get work done and the Phi Phi Cabana Hotel.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2010

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