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Siam UK travel and tours has grown up since 1987 as the leading Phi Phi Island for specialist tours, sightseeing and onward travel arrangements all for families and groups. You will always get a sympathetic ear for the many issues that are common to holidays on Phi Phi island. Just ask Kung or Jo...!

Family Tours and activities On Phi Phi Island

The friendly staff can recommend the best tours for children given the weather that day and they are always happy to start a tour just for your group should you wish a later start than the normal tour.

Sun bathing on the beach and snorkeling on Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley is especially popular as this is where Leonardo Di Caprio made the movie "The Beach". The beach at high tide is supremely pretty and at extreme low tide you might need beach shoes to wade in over the shallows from the boat. Most of the snorkeling is done from a boat off the edge of the reef so children will need to be comfortable swimmers or wear the life jacket provided.

At the village itself the Loh Dalum Beach provides children with probably the islands safest swimming, though this beach is quite tidal and will be dry for a couple of hours a day. Loh Dalum is the north Bay the other side from where you arrive at the Phi Phi pier (just 150 meters away) see map of pier above.

Kayaking on Phi Phi for families can be superb fun. The organized tours take you around the islands, launch the sit on kayaks and offer you snorkel equipment. Many of the kayaks can take a child under 8 years old, sitting between the parents.

If you want to plan a DIY trip with your family, the staff have snorkeling equipment for children and they can help explain how fit them should you need. The best Phi Phi beaches can be a 200m walk away or a small ride on the taxi boats.

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Accommodation On Phi Phi

If you arrive on the island without a hotel reservation Siam UK travel and tours can advise you on any availability in the Phi Phi resorts you wish. Please be aware when the island is full you can spend along time trying to find a room that works for the whole family. There are only 3500 rooms on Phi Phi island and 50,000 hotel rooms on Phuket Island and so when a few people go from Phuket go to Phi Phi "on the spur of the moment" their can be a real problem with Phi Phi accommodation availability. If you want to stay in Phi Phi village have a look at the hotels here on

Onward travel from Phi Phi Island

Onward travel can be organized including flight tickets to destinations as far as Bangkok and Chiang Mai and hotels and transfer can all be done with just a few friendly words with the team at Siam UK travel and tours.

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010