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Phi Phi Island Business | Holiday Communication

A holiday to Phi Phi Island is the ideal time to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and to enjoy quiet solitude, wonderful beaches and great sights, sounds and tastes. Though this is the perfect opportunity to not be plugged in and to really enjoy recharging the batteries of life, the reality is many people need Internet access and they wonder about being able to get on the Internet on Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Island hotels and resorts do offer Internet access but you will want to find out in advance if the resort you are staying at offers Internet access and if not you can always visit a different hotel or resort to get online. Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island, Zeavola Resort Phi Phi, Phi Phi Hotel, Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel are good and a growing number of the small resort now have wireless.

If you have a PDA device such as a Blackberry, Motorola Q or similar device you can check with your service provider if you have coverage in Phi Phi Island and will have Internet access through your handheld device, you will want to check out the rates for that as well before deciding the best way to get on the Internet.

Phi Phi Internet Cafes

There are Internet cafes available as well that can be reasonably priced. Now that more hotels and resorts offer Internet access the price is more reasonable than it was when very few places were able to offer Internet on Phi Phi.

If you have Internet access you can use services like Skype and Yahoo Messenger to communicate via voice rather than use a cell phone or land line which can improve quality and cost you nothing more than the Internet access.

VoIP (voice over IP) means that if you have Internet access you can talk to people anywhere in the world for extremely low prices or for free depending on the service you use and if the other person has the same service. This ability has completely changed how we communicate and has made it easier to communicate as long as you have Internet access when on holiday.

Visiting a place like Phi Phi Island means you can be as reclusive as you want or be as connected as you need to be. In a day you can be connected because you want to be connected and than be totally disconnected so you can enjoy your holiday and recharging your batteries on stunning Phi Phi Island.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2010