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JJ Bungalow

Smart, clean, large, air-conditioned bungalows with mountain views, located around 200 meters from the two Phi Phi beaches. Great value.

Guest Rating: Very Good



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Phi Phi Island Guesthouses

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2019

Guesthouses all over Asia give the traveler or backpacker on a budget the perfect opportunity to travel for long periods. Guesthouses also are ideal for those who want top meet other travelers, don't want to book ahead, take a chance and generally go with flow.... read more.

Lanah Bay Phi Phi

Where is Phi Phi island

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2012

One of the first questions asked when friends see a picture of Maya Bay is 'Where is Phi Phi island?'. When people see the sheer verdant cliff of the sea walls, the aqua marine of the beaches around the dazzling sun kissed sand and glimpse the coral beneath the surface they are automaticall... read more.

Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel

recommendedPhi Phi Island Cabana Hotel

For those who want a smart resort on the edge of the main village in Phi Phi Don, the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel could be the place for you. Large comfortable rooms in a low rise complex makes for a stylish stay on Phi Phi, one of Thailand's, true magnificent locations.... read more.

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Phi Phi Island Nightlife



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Phi Phi bars and parties
Phi Phi bars and parties
Phi Phi bars and parties
Phi Phi bars and parties
There are a very good number of bars on Phi Phi Island which offer a bit of everything, including reggae, jazz, and blues. Some of these bars attract the younger crowd with thumping disco music and big screen televisions showing Satellite TV and videos. For those who want a more mellow at

Phi Phi Tsunami 2004



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Phi Phi tsunami
Phi Phi Tsunami Memorial Garden
Phi Phi tsunami
Phi Phi tsunami destruction in 2004
The Phi Phi Island Tsunami of December of 2004 will for ever be remembered on Phi Phi Island. The memorial park, the tsunami center, the tsunami warning loudspeakers and the improved communication satellite dishes on the top of Phi Phi Don Island are testament to the importance of this fate

Phi Phi People And Fun



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The Reggae Bar with the best night life on Phi Phi Island
Family longtail boat trips around Phi Phi Island
Maya Bay in Phi Phi Island
HC Andersens Restaurant on Phi Phi Island
It's got to be said that this is my favorite Phi Phi gallery. Just look at the faces here on the pictures and you can see that people have fun on Phi Phi. I prefer the trips out to the beaches of Maya Bay on Phi Phi Don Island and for me there is nothing better than picking up a snorkel and