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Guesthouses all over Asia give the traveler or backpacker on a budget the perfect opportunity to travel for long periods. Guesthouses also are ideal for those who want top meet other travelers, don't want to book ahead, take a chance and generally go with flow.

One of the most famous Phi Phi backpacker guesthouses is Baan Thai Guesthouse where you regularly see people spilling onto the street,... breakfast, lunch and diner seems to be a continual party.

As Phi Phi Island is a small place it can get busy to overflowing. Because of this, when the island gets full, the prices of the guesthouses will vary according demand. Busy time can give double the price of low season. At some times a few extra dollars actually pays for a quality bungalow in a resort where prices have been set for the whole season. The added advantage here is you can book ahead and make sure you have a room.

Getting off the ferry without accommodation

If you arrive off the pier without Phi Phi accommodation, you will be met by the touts, a not very pleasant experience but I believe pretty common all over the world. They are not aggressive but some can be more "persistent than others". If you walk through 50 meters of so you will find it a lot less congested and you can ask an agent what's available or just carry on and walk past the Reggae bar, Irish bar and head for the party of town for those on a budget.

Guesthouses on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Guesthouses are centered on the Phi Phi Don Village, near the main pier. Below are a list with comments. Prices vary and can be higher than quoted here at busy times.

CoCo's, Hotel

Coco's is a small personal guesthouse & hostel in the quiet zone of Koh Phi Phi Don Village. Coco's cheap accommodation is 29 air conditioned & fan rooms in 3 pavilions along a quiet street just 30 meters from the start of the View Point walk. The budget guesthouse is approximately 12 minutes slow walk from the pier and 4 minutes from Loh Dalum beach with it's perfect gleaming sand and stunning views of the jungle covered Tonsai Cliffs. Prices from 500-1000 THB

Natasha Guesthouse, Hotel

25 meters from the pier and on the clean main street this small 18 room mini hotel or guesthouse is ideally located for restaurants, diving and nightlife etc. Prices from 500-950 THB

Marina Guesthouse

Opposite Fatties Restaurant and 15m from Mosquito Diving, 150 meters from the pier this guesthouse is a pleasure to stay in. Formally one of Phi Phi Islands biggest night life scenes, it has been transformed into an oasis of calm. 14 rooms Prices from 350-1300THB

Direct Guesthouse

16 Rooms in the village. Prices from 350-1000 THB

Dream Guesthouse

17 Rooms Prices from 350-800THB

Rim Khao Guesthouse

12 Rooms and located as the Thai names translate on the edge of a hill it is in the back of the village 90 meters from the beach. Prices from 350-900-1200THB. This has been redeveloped in 2008.

Harmony House

In the village 150 meters from the Loh Dalum Bay. Prices from 300-600-950THB

MN Guesthouse

14 Rooms. Prices from 600-1400 THB

JJ Guesthouse

8 Rooms. Prices from 350-950THB

R S House

Rooms, inexpensive, in a quiet local neighborhood. Prices from 250-750THB


11 Rooms, inexpensive, in a quiet local neighborhood. Prices from 400-950THB

The Rock Bar Backpacker Dorm

Down at the end of the village Near Rim Khao bungalows. 90 meters from the Beach. Prices unknown

Banana House

On the main street leading to the View Point, 350 meters from the pier, 80 meters from Loh Dalum beach. Prices from 250-1000THB

Lek's House

On the main street leading to the View Point, 350 meters from the pier, 80 meters from Loh Dalum beach. Prices from 250-1000 THB

Phi Phi Town House

Next to the Mosque behind Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort. 6 Rooms. 10 minutes from the pier. 100 meters to the beach on a quiet open path. (Note. 5am call for prayers). Prices from 300-950THB. Phi Phi Don has some 4 people bedrooms.

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2019

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