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Cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island Accommodation | Ko Phi Phi Cheapest guesthouse

The cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi is The Rock Backpacker, Tropical Garden Bungalows, Harmony House and Phi Phi Hill Resort. There are other names that are in the list but these are the cheapest guesthouses that are popular and are rated.

Phi Phi Beach Front Resort

Phi Phi Beach Front Resort


The cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi are all centred around Ko Phi Phi Don Village. This is the main built up area around the pier for ferries to Phuket and Krabi provinces. Most of the resorts are beachfront and charge for the privilege of this and so inside the village is where you get the cheapest deal. Many of the cheapest guesthouses only book in walk in customers, i.e. people who have not made a prior booking. This gives the owners a chance to move the room rates up and down depending how busy the islands are. Rooms that go for 400 THB in low season might go for 1,500THB in high season when the island is full to bursting. As they say, 'buyer beware'. The other issue not much discussed is the heat. Walking around with your bags trying to find a room in 30 degrees plus of heat often makes you go for a room that isn’t quite what you want.

To see the full list of the cheapest guesthouses on Ko Phi Phi go here and then click the low of the 'high: low' in the sort hotels by price. This list gives you all the guesthouses that are available for booking.

Cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi

The Harmony House, Tropical Garden Bungalows are popular as they have room types as low as 400 THB a night which is great value for those who just need a place to hang their hat. The dormitory style The Rock Backpacker does walk in guests only but this can be cheaper at 250 THB a night.

The Cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi do vary a lot in high season which is November to April 30th compared to low season, May until October 31st. However the monsoon rains come through in June and September so that May, July, August and October can have high season like great weather and be classed as a great deal. The difference between high and low season prices is as much as 40-60%.

Cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi in high season

The Phi Phi Hill Resort only open in high season and is on the easterly part of Long Beach. These very simple rooms do have first class views of Ko Phi Phi Ley, Tonsai Cliffs and Long beach. The veranda breakfast area is a cool place to meet up with fellow guests and take in the stupendous scenery.

Cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi on the beachfront

The Phi Phi Beach Front Resort enjoys a pretty view over Loh Dalum. This mini guesthouse is on the outskirts of the main Ko Phi Phi Don Village area. Hear you can go to bed with the sound of the sea lapping on the shore. The Phi Phi Anita Resort is popular with the party crowd as it is just behind the Slinkies Beach Bar. Still if you love that dance scene, what could be better than walking 40 meters to crash after a great night.

Cheapest guesthouse in Ko Phi Phi reviews

The cheapest guesthouse is not always the best so it is worth looking over the reviews in the guesthouse fact sheets as some point to excellent value where others need to be avoided. Armed with the Ko Phi Phi guesthouse fact sheets, the facilities, room descriptions, locations and reviews you should be able to form a good idea of the one you are booking.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2012