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The Phi Phi islands are truly, paradise on Earth. Paradise in a sense that not only does Phi Phi have the perfect beaches and plenty of adventures like diving and snorkeling, but also, it offers some of the cheapest Hotel deals in Thailand. I fell in Love with Phi Phi Island and can't wait to return which I will do in 4 months..

Phi Phi Hill Resort

Phi Phi Hill Resort


When I arrived in Phuket, Thailand, it did not take me long to be transported to Phi Phi which took less than an hour by fast speedboat. I have always wanted to go to Phi Phi to experience what they call Thailandís top island. I was quite apprehensive at first as Phi Phi fell victim to the damaging tsunami of 2004. It has been a couple of years since then and I have read in plenty of places how Phi Phi has restored it's hotels and resort to their former glory so I continued on packing and finally boarded my plane to Thailand.

When I first saw the image gallery on about 8 months ago, I thought that Phi Phi would be an expensive getaway, yet I found out that was far from reality and that they even have some really cheap Phi Phi hotel deals. There are a variety of choices in Phi Phi in terms of accommodation and the cheapest Phi Phi hotel deals greatly depend on your budget. The currency in the area is the Thai Baht and the hotels under the cheapest Phi Phi hotel deals will only cost you around 700 THB or an estimate of around 15 dollars per night in the low season. Not bad for a getaway right? Yes you can get cheaper accommodation like the Anita Resort but the bamboo hut thing is way to close to nature for me..

The cheapest Phi Phi Hotel deals apply to most varieties of accommodation. You can choose from simple cottage huts near the shore like the magical Zeavola Resort. to luxury resorts with free stay packages and meals to get you by like the Phi Phi island village resort. I personally chose a simple cottage near the shore and at the end of the bay called the Arayaburi Resort since I enjoy swimming early in the morning.

Excellent free night special deals on Phi Phi Island

I think the website has the cheapest Phi Phi Hotel deals and even if the hotel does not offer a decent package, has a stay 10 nights get one free. This is useful to remember if you are staying a longer period. I stayed way to long, 16 days... ! and my boss thought I had lost it, but I kept on extending as I felt I was in the right place. You know sometimes it just feels too right.

As I ended my vacation in the Phi Phi islands, I was not ready to leave, I mean everything was so beautiful and wonderful. The cheapest Phi Phi Hotel deals, really are so applicable if you want to get the most out of your money. I feel that the visit is only one of many to Phi Phi IslandÖ I sure canít wait to be back there again.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012