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The Phi Phi Island low season runs from May through October. Travelers looking to have a great holiday while staying on a strict budget should consider visiting Phi Phi Island during the low season (or green season as it is called). There is the risk of rain, but also you will feel very much less pressure on your wallet.

The cheapest Phi Phi Island hotels deals and the best Phi Phi Island resort savings appear during the low season. The Special pages offer the free night packages which are tremendous value especially when you compare high and low season prices. The high end Zeavola Resort, Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island often compete for the best deal to try to keep a maximum occupancy and are often a good place to check on the best PP $$ savings.

Even if you don't have a special deal on the resort that suites you give away a free night for all bookings over 9 nights. This is calculated for you and given to you when you enter more than 9 nights into the automatic quote generator for any particular hotel.

The hotels and resorts are generally much more economical though many holiday travelers find Phi Phi Island a great and economic destination throughout the year especially if compared to the prices to Europe or America, Caribbean and Mexico.

Use the links below and you can plan a great Phi Phi Island holiday during the low season and have a wonderful Phi Phi Island holiday on a budget.

Guesthouse on Phi Phi Island are quite plentiful in low season and you can generally walk onto the island and get a room but more and more in July and August the guesthouses fill with school leavers, college kids and recent graduates and it is just as full as high season. The trick here is to arrive just during the Koh Phangan full Moon party as many students will leave 2-3 days before hand.

Phi Phi Low Season: What to Do

If you are visiting Phi Phi Island on a budget you will want to consider some inexpensive but "musts" while on Phi Phi Island. First and foremost enjoy the wonderful beaches on Phi Phi Island. You can take a very inexpensive boat ride on a longtail boat from one beach to another so you can compare and contrast the beaches.

During this time of the year all the trendy restaurants and fun bars are still open and all but the west facing bays and beaches are fully accessible.

Diving is more confined as access to Phi Phi dive sites like Maya bay can be too choppy but with far fewer divers on the islands it can be a better experience. All PADI courses (Including the Instructors IDC) are available and there are always a plethora of dive instructors from Europe (English, Swedish, German, French, Italian,) Israel, Japan, Korea and often others from destinations in the old Eastern Europe.

Similarly kayaking or snorkeling tours might come up the east coast near Runtee Bay if the weather gets poor but the tours will go every day. In the last few years the dive and tour boats have got a lot larger and it is possible now to take a stable converted fishing boat compared to the more flighty but traditional Longtail boats ensuring a great experience for all adventurers.

Since there are no cars on Phi Phi Island you will want to walk around and explore the villages and see all that they have to offer. You will find some great shops, restaurants and bars. The island's paths are a fun way to get around Phi Phi and because there are no taxis and car fees you can enjoy a great Phi Phi holiday on a budget. Taking a walk up to the Viewpoint in low season can be amazing as the air is a lot more clear and you can see Phuket, Koh Bida and even as far as Koh Ha in the south. it is also a lot cooler!!

Make sure you enjoy at least one nice meal under the stars. You can find many inexpensive restaurants on Phi Phi Island like Tonsai Seafood or Phi Phi Don seafood restaurant and you may find some great deals during the low season as well. I always choose the fish in season to get maximum freshness, over the prawns that are brought in from the mainland but there again I am all prawned out...!!

If you are worried about going to Phi Phi Island during the low season, do not be. You will still enjoy all the wonderful things that make Phi Phi Island a great holiday destination. The same wonderful restaurants, bars, hotels and activities that dazzle visitors during the high season are also available for holiday travelers during the Phi Phi Island low season.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2010

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