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Family Holidays on Phi Phi

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Family Holidays On Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island thrills the family as a holiday destination. No other location has all different atmosphere, action and fun quite like Phi Phi ensuring genuinely memorable family holidays. Phi Phi Holidays leave memories of a life time.

Phi Phi Island for kids offers the type of activities like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, diving or just playing on the beach that make them happy all day and sleep long into the mornings! Family holidays on Phi Phi Island are all about enjoying the peace and beauty of the unspoilt nature of Phi Phi island. Phi Phi Island for kids and adults gives the same gifts of relaxation and fun, no matter what your age.

Outdoor Kids Activities

Phi Phi Island for kids has much to do outdoors. Children here spend most of their time on the beaches. Learning to dive and exploring the underwater tropics are reasons enough to spend your family holidays in Phi Phi. Kids can paddle a canoe or join their parents in a relaxing kayak trip. And, of course, family holidays wouldn't be the same without shopping!

Kayaking on Phi Phi Island

Discovering exotic marine life and catching a glimpse of colorful birds high in the sky make Phi Phi Island for kids a thrilling fantasy getaway! One of the best ways to see these amazing creatures is by taking a kayaking trip. Various organizations offer guided tours around Phi Phi and its neighboring Islands.

Snorkeling for Kids

Aquamarine water and intricate coral reefs give kids lots to discover in Phi Phi. Snorkeling proves Phi Phi Island for kids can be both fun and educational, and family holidays wouldn't be complete without a warm dip in the ocean. Calm, transparent pools of water and fantastic gardens of coral and plant life make Phi Phi Island for kids a multi-colored dreamland. Masks and other snorkeling gear are available to hire for the day or purchase at Siam UK near the pier, (specialist in family groups).

Children of Phi Phi Island

The Children of Phi Phi Island is a book written by and about the strong-willed kids of Phi Phi Island. Personal stories are accompanied by crayon drawings and give readers insight on what the children of this Island experienced during the time of the Tsunami of 2004. This is a book of hope and remembrance, and all proceeds go to the families of the children and those who experienced loss during this great tragedy. You can find this book at a number of souvenir shops you will visit during your family holiday.

Phi Phi Island for Kids

Make your next family holidays a time of wonder and enchantment. Come to Phi Phi Island for kids and share the special bond that family holidays bring. See more here about where to stay and what to bring on your family holiday on Phi Phi.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2012

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Family Holidays On Phi Phi Island
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Family Holidays On Phi Phi Island