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Family Holidays On Phi Phi Island

Most rooms on Phi Phi Island have been designed for couples, as the island saw few children on holiday. Since 1999 the number of families has increased dramatically as hotel facilities have become more child friendly and there are now options for parents.

Phi Phi family accommodation

  • The Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel, Zeavola Resort Phi Phi, Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa and the Phi Phi Hotel have suite or large rooms ideal for shared accommodation and some type of families.
  • Phi Phi Andaman Resort, Phi Phi Island Village Villa, Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort (budget fan rooms) do have standard large room facilities.
  • Phitharom PP Resort has connecting doors but is definitely a hike up the steps not suitable for babies and toddlers.
  • PP Erawan Palms Resort, Paradise Resort and Andaman Beach Resort, are small quiet resort right on the beach easy for small children.
  • Arayaburi Resort and Bay View Resort are at the end of the beach and are on a small hill that reaches down to the sea shoreline.

Specialist family services on Phi Phi

Siam UK Travel and Tours has specialized in organizing family trips, tours, hotel and travel arrangements on Phi Phi since 1992 and could be a useful stop over to help get the best out of the island for your group.


Ferries are a first come first serve bases. It is suggested that families settle on the boats early especially coming from Phuket where all morning boats have many one day trippers. See the Phi Phi transport guide for details here.

Tours for Sightseeing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Diving

There are large boats for diving, snorkeling and kayaking that offer toilet facilities on tours. Some dive shops offer small masks and fins for children but this is considered a specialty. Siam UK Travel and Tours has small masks and fins for children and specializes in family groups.

Play Station Games

Many internet cafes have computer games for the young at heart and the young.


Prams or carry cots are more common a sight than even 3 years before. The paths a cobbled stone. Large wheel prams go over sand and path the best. The sand in front of the Cabana Hotel and Zeavola Phi Phi Resort are better navigated with larger and wider wheels.


Unfortunately there is no free accommodation from the hotels for nannies.

Powdered and Bottled Milk

It is recommended you bring your own powdered milk to the island. There is milk but but without all the brand names of Phuket or Krabi towns.


Simple and the most basic brands available. Again bring from Phuket or Krabi or Bangkok.

Sun cream

Sun cream up to factor 50 can be obtained from stores and chemists on the island. For sensitive skin or children please bring your own. Phuket town has a good range of sun creams.


Sunset and sunrise there are Mosquitoes. There has been no malaria on Phi Phi for at least 18 years. Dengue fever is an issue for those with poor immune systems. Healthy visitors very rarely catch dengue. Mosquito repellent is available on the island at the pharmacies. People susceptible to mosquitoes should wear cloths covering their legs at night.


Phi Phi is safe. Any problems have occurred late at night where people have been drinking. Please use hotel safes or safes in your rooms.


The Phi Phi Hospital is a field hospital with basic services. A saline drip is available for serious problems but any emergencies are sent to Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket by speedboat. The speedboat cost is always the responsibility of the injured and not the municipality. Be insured with medical evacuation.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2010

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