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Phi Phi Island Shopping | A travellers list and detail of what is available on Phi Phi
Minimart right on the Phi Phi beach front

Phi Phi Island is a small island with 4200 inhabitants, with 2 Seven Elevens and one village of any real size. The Phi Phi shops sell a complete kaleidoscope of basic needs, travelers stuff and a whole host essential Phi Phi Island gifts however most non souvenir type items will be cheaper on the mainland.

As you step off the pier at Tonsai Bay you realize that best of Phi Phi has an urbane quality in spite of being surrounded by vast areas of natural beauty, an ideal place for shopping. This is because Phi Phi Don Village has an Asian Bazaar quality that makes a walk down the streets both fun and exciting. Although modernized to a degree many of the shops are small and individual and each trade is a one off, a unique exchange between local and tourist. Many love the way it all seems so simple on Phi Phi and is the reason why many people return here year after year to redeem that old fashion feeling once again. If you are staing in a hotel or guesthouse near by then it makes a great evening stroll before diner.

Phi Phi Cosmetics and Pharmacy products

These are mostly western imported brands. Toothbrush Toothpaste Condoms Tampax Coconut oil Tiger balm Shaving cream Mosquito spay and cream Vaseline Hairbrushes, combs Après Sun Sun cream (Nivea, Ambre Solaire up to factor 50) Hair gel Aloe Vera Ice/gel Scissors Antibiotic Anti-inflammatory Antiviral cream Parasitism Dequadine Imodium Dehydration powders for adults and children

For the Phi Phi Beaches

Apres Sun Sun cream (Nivea, Ambre Solaire up to factor 50) Sun Hats Beach Shoes Postcards Beach balls Lylows Bikinis Sarongs Boogie Boards Racket Ball Sand castle making shapes for children Boomerangs Frisbee Hammocks

Phi Phi Gifts, presents and Souvenirs

Wooden games such as chess, backgammon, jenga etc Silver Jewelry Bead necklaces Shells Picture Frames Photo Albums Candles Chopsticks Place mats, coasters (Rattan) Bags, Clothes

For families and kids on Phi Phi Island

Balloons Footballs Sand castle making shapes for children. Nappies

Buying Film on Phi Phi Don

ASA 100/ 200/ 400 APS 25 /40

Shopping for Batteries

AA AAA AAAA Lithium 3V CR2

Tapes available on Phi Phi Don Island

Mini 90 Video Cassettes Panasonic Music Tapes


Cigarettes, Marlborough, Reds, Lights, Menthol, CD's Copy football shirts

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2012

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Top Charoen, a Thailand-wide franchise of opticians
Vendor selling not-so-original copies of CDs on Phi Phi
Earrings and small items sold in small stands on Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi glassware souvenirs