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Phi Phi Island shopping is an important aspect of any Phi Phi Island holiday. Although the villages are not overwhelmed with shops and street vendors, there are many eager local merchants. One of the most popular items to buy in Thailand is the Phi Phi Island Jewelry. Phi Phi Island shopping is not complete without a stop to the local jewelry shops.

Phi Phi Island Jewelry: Gold, Silver, and Gems

When walking along the beautiful roads on Phi Phi Don Village, enjoying some Phi Phi Island shopping, you will surely pass by some exquisite jewelry shops. The Phi Phi Island jewelry is extremely inexpensive. You can buy hand crafted gold earrings, bracelets, and chains for much less than other countries across the world. Silver is a Phi Phi Island jewelry tradition. This is called hill tribe silverwork and is modeled after the traditional tribes in Northern Thailand. Any silver that is labeled with "925" means it is made of 92.5% pure silver.

If you are looking for rare gems when Phi Phi Island shopping, you are in luck. Thailand is the number one sapphire producer and the world leader of cutting colored stones. Since the Phi Phi Island Jewelry is made right in Thailand, it is much less expensive than in other countries.

Phi Phi Island Jewelry: Pearls

Since Phi Phi Island and Thailand located on the water, collecting pearls is quite common in the area. Phi Phi Island shopping is usually full with locally produced pearls at largely discounted prices. There are many shops in which you can buy this Phi Phi Island Jewelry. Each location offers a slightly different flare for your Phi Phi Island shopping experience.

Phi Phi Island Shopping

Phi Phi Island shopping is extremely popular for tourists. Although there is so much to see outdoors, it still doesn't stop the urge to find Phi Phi Island Jewelry. Many shops you will visit sell their Phi Phi island jewelry in pure gold settings. Thai and Phi Phi Island locals prefer to have jewelry that is pure gold. This is so they can sell their pieces of they come up short on cash. However, most international tourists enjoy gold settings in 14-18 karat gold. Most of the time you can find this Phi Phi island Jewelry in the large resort hotels.

If you are visiting Phi Phi Island for the weather, nature, and atmosphere, don't pass up the opportunity to gaze at some jewelry as well. Phi Phi Island shopping allows for quality merchandise at low prices.

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2012

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