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Phi Phi Island Shopping | Shopping in Phi Phi Island
Minimart right on the Phi Phi beach front

If you can get away from the beach then shopping in Phi Phi Island is a one-of-a-kind experience. You will find treasures beyond your expectations in Phi Phi - from beautiful silver jewelry to exotic apparel. There is something for everyone when you are shopping in Phi Phi Island, and no one will go home empty handed!

General shopping and shopping for presents on Phi Phi island

There are two Minimarts that have all the last minute items you may have forgotten to pack. If you need a toothbrush or hairbrush, you will find them both while shopping in Phi PhiIsland. But shopping in Phi Phi Island is so much more exciting than that. You can also visit one of the fun souvenir shops to gather gifts for your friends back home. Besides common amenities, you will find exotic hand-blown glass and authentic Island clothing. Shopping in Phi Phi Island will bring you one step closer to enjoying the full experience of this wonderful place.

Phi Phi Art

For those who enjoy exploring the tropical wildlife of the Island, snorkeling gear and diving accessories are available to purchase or hire for the day. There are more than 30 stores to discover shopping in Phi Phi Island. Lovers of art and literature will find pleasure browsing the P P Art Centre as well as the Book Centre, while lovers of fashion may enjoy strolling through Sai Ngern Clothing and Kloy Jai Clothes Shop & Amenities.

Fabrics shopping on Phi Phi

Shopping in Phi Phi Island, you'll uncover a world of exceptional and classy gifts. Kunstone Silver and Jewelry is a favourite amongst visitors shopping in Phi Phi Island. YA Clothing, Pisit Clothing and Pimpisa Clothes will keep you outfitted in colourful fabrics and striking prints. These are but a few of the amazing stores you will find while shopping in Phi Phi Island.

In addition to the wonderful gift shops, you will discover that there are four supermarkets, as well. As you can see, everything you need you will find shopping in Phi Phi Island. Food, clothing, gifts and artistic souvenirs are all available to you. Shopping in Phi Phi Island is not only necessary, but fun!

The reopening of many shops has made shopping in Phi Phi Island an experience to enjoy. There are two pharmacists on the Island that can keep you stocked with your very important prescriptions, and Traisea General Store has everything from sunglasses to CDs. Whether you are in the mood to watch a DVD, pick up a cool new bracelet or browse for sports equipment, shopping in Phi Phi Island will offer you and your family all you need to make your holiday a success!

Last Updated: 03 Mar 2010

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Top Charoen, a Thailand-wide franchise of opticians
Vendor selling not-so-original copies of CDs on Phi Phi
Earrings and small items sold in small stands on Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi glassware souvenirs