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Best view of Phi Phi in Maya Bay

What's the good and the great on Phi Phi that make this island a real travellers jewel? Phi Phi Island is a great holiday destination for people with virtually any and all tastes. Whether you like "to do" or "just be", Phi Phi Island holidays have got it all.

The best beach on Phi Phi Island is undoubtedly Maya Bay. Maya Bay is where the movie "The Beach" was filmed. The movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio brought to life the beauty of Phi Phi Island, its many beaches. Maya Bay has 3 beaches and a lot of cliff. You can spend a day here just mooching around taking in the magnificence. I like the shallow reefed beach as you just arrive into the bay on the left.

Best of Phi Phi Island - Diving and Water Sports

Phi Phi Island has many incredible water sports including diving, snorkeling, kayaking and of course swimming. This island is relatively unspoiled and people can enjoy all that Phi Phi Island has to offer.

The local snorkeling is one of the most popular activities of Phi Phi Island things to do as the warm seas are teaming with schools of harmless fish and and wonderful corals. Read here an article on snorkeling off the beaches on Phi Phi island. You can rent snorkel equipment in the Phi Phi Don Village at many travel companies or dive shops and they can tell you which reefs are in the best condition at the time you are there.

If you are a PADI diver you can start diving straight away at any of the quality dive schools on Phi Phi Don Island. If not you can easily get certified and some of the best diving conditions in the world for beginners.

Divers find wonderful variety of coral gardens, unique and unusual cave fish, tropical fish and other amazing underwater rock formations. For the connoisseur diver the remoter islands and rocks like Koh Ha or Hin Muang offer the chance of seeing the elegant Manta Rays and rare whale sharks.

Best of Phi Phi Island - Activities

Make sure you save some time to take a kayak around the island and explore its many covers and caves. A wonderful dinner under the stars is a great way to cap off any day on Phi Phi Island.

As you continue your tour of the best of Phi Phi Island make sure you do some island hopping on a longtail boat. These 6-8 passenger boats take you to many beautiful sites as you go from beach to beach from Phi Phi Ley Island to Bamboo Island or Mosquito island. You can take the route planned or you can charter one. The cost is relatively inexpensive. Other than your two feet, longtail boats are the only way you will travel on your Phi Phi Island holiday.

Best of Phi Phi Island - Restaurants and Dining

Meals can be enjoyed on the beach, under the stars. There are many great places to eat with all different types of cuisine. For those visitors who want to watch their spice level, remember to say "mai pet" meaning "not spicy" otherwise you can get some very spicy meals.

Though there are a number of great restaurants, you may want to try: Zeavola Resort Restaurants (in Laem Tong), PP Princess, Le Grand Blue, Amicos, HC Andersens, Le Patisserie and Phi Phi Banyan Restaurant.

Phi Phi Luxury resorts

Associating luxury with the best it makes sense to point out the 3 main resort on Phi Phi Don. The 5 star Zeavola Phi Phi Resort and the 4 star Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island and Phi Phi Island Village Villa. These resorts are all beach front and ensure the highest standards for a stay on the island. All of them have wonderful spa facilites and organize diving off the reefs.

Last Updated: 25 May 2012

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