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Phi Phi Island Overview | Useful web resources for Thailand travellers

There are many good online guides for Thailand and her provinces on the Internet. Below are some of those and some useful reference sites to help you getting acquainted with Thailand. As with regards to Phi Phi island itself I must recommend a good look around the hundreds of Phi Phi Island articles on

Thailand destination guides no other website offers a more comprehensive coverage of the Kingdom of Thailand. With shopping, exports, travel, news and a web directory, it's well worth your time visiting. Take care to read the culture sections to try to get an idea on the way Thai people think as this is useful for your travels and coming into contact with hotel staff, restaurants and shop owners.

Bangkok, provides a comprehensive group of guides, maps, activities, hotels and detail transport in and out of this large metropolis. This is a good resource to find out what hotels are available by location within Thailand. The map section is particularly good for getting your bearings. the maps sit on Google maps with it impressive full facilities of satellite and map layers.

The one iconic event for all travelers in Thailand is the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party and the website details all the information needed to visit this remote island and get a place to stay.

The Lonely Planet web site

Lonely Planet is a remarkable online resource covers most of the globe and from it’s routes in the travelers scene has developed an eye for detail that makes it one of the most trusted. The Lonely Planet has a fast moving forum with content from all over the world. It is active and you can post specific questions that might be of interest to you. be sure to check though and search for your question as it may have been answered before.

Online newspapers

The Bangkok Post represents the best in Thailand journalism. The large article database is a rich source of information for all matters Thai.

The Phuket Gazette, Phuket Island’s weekly newspaper is even more useful on line. Real time news can be sent to your inbox as e-mails, it has Phuket’s largest advertising board and the news database is the islands most definitive guide. With fine stories on local issues the Phuket Gazette is the foreigner’s eye on Thailand. the Phuket gazette also has a large and continually updated series of articles written by local Thais with the inside knowledge about everything you might want to know about Phuket and the local region.

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2010