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Phi Phi Islands

Overview, Koh Phi Phi
Black Tip Reef Shark at Phi Phi Long Beach

The Phi Phi Islands are by far the main attraction to Krabi, and are widely considered to be amongst the most beautiful places in the world.

There are six islands altogether: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Yung, and Phai, of whom Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley are the largest, and best known.

The Phi Phi Islands are famous for their fine sandy beaches and their limestone cliffs soaring from the sea into the sky form some of the most unique topography on this planet.

Add to this spectacular scenery crystal clear water, no traffic and a tropical laid back lifestyle, and it's easy to see why Koh Phi Phi is one of southern Thailand's most popular destinations.

Besides the natural beauty over water, Phi Phi is also a world-famous diving destination. Scuba diving on Phi Phi is possible in the many bays of the islands, and Koh Bida is a must-see on any dive trip here.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011