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Black Tip Reef Shark at Phi Phi Long Beach

Finding information on Phi Phi Island is easy with a few taps on the keyboard on google, finding reliable Phi Phi Island tourist information can be difficult. Many websites get their information form other websites where as we at have had a strong association with the islands since 1992 and have had representation on the islands.

We are also on a daily communication with staff, hoteliers, restaurateurs, club owners, dive shop managers on Phi Phi island and all the key people that make the island tick. Also with the talk back feature embedded in the articles and images etc it ensures we get an accurate input from any of customers who are willing to contribute.

When looking for Phi Phi tourist info you want to make sure the information you are receiving is accurate and updated. This website works hard to make sure information is thorough and as updated as possible. For example, there are some websites that have never been updated since before the tsunami that had a tremendous impact on this destination. This can have a huge bearing on your trip here as some bungalows are no longer in existence or have been totally re branded. All of the Phi Phi tourist information on this website has been updated after the Tsunami so you are not surprised to find out the hotel you are trying to book is closed or no longer in existence.

This has been the case for PP Charlies which has not been rebuilt after the December 2004 Tsunami in it's original form as of June 2008 three and a half years after that fateful day but appears as open on many websites. The PP Charlies is a 2 story building with approximately 30 rooms in June 2008 at the back of the land where PP Charlies once stood. K Charnalong (Charlie) the owner has major plans to re develop in a sympathetic way all the rooms that were lost and progress is fast with rooms ready for the high season of 2008. (Update 2010. PP Princess is selling PP Charlie rooms once again and within a year there will be PP Princess rooms available on one of the prime positions in Thailand.

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Just navigate the Phi Phi articles, galleries or look at our interactive Phi Phi map and you will have the best information on the web. ThePhi Phi hotel information is an excellent way to get a booking before you arrive as with so few rooms the island can fill up.

Phi Phi Island is a unique destination that offers you the ability to experience a true island paradise. The more information you have about the island the better equipped you will be to make sure you have a great time.

Updated Phi Phi tourist information is added to the site regularly so you can always check back or let us know something you want to learn more about or even share your experiences once you have returned from your Phi Phi holiday.

Luxury Phi Phi Resorts

The Luxury Phi Phi Resorts are all in the north and east of the Phi Phi Don. On the quieter beaches of Laem Tong and Loh Bagoa the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island, and Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa create the perfect island get away.

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2012

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Black Tip Reef Shark at Phi Phi Long Beach
Superb View of the Phi Phi Don Cliffs from Phi Phi Viewpoint
Phi Phi Island View Point looking over the Tonsai and Loh Dalum bays
Bamboo island beach on the Phi Phi Island