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Phi Phi Island Diving | Phi Phi Island Swedish Diving: Learn to Dive on Phi Phi
Barakuda Dive Center in the Phi Phi Don village

Phi Phi Island diving is one of the most popular amongst the Swedish. Diving enthusiasts from all corners of the globe visit Phi Phi Island for spectacular diving, recreation and relaxation; however the Swedish have found a niche with Phi Phi Island because they have found many Diving Instructors catering to them and their language.

Phi Phi diving is popular with many Swedish divers from the novice to the most experienced divers alike. Since Phi Phi Island and the surrounding islands are known for some amazing diving, some novice divers are intimidated by Phi Phi diving. In reality, however, there are a large number of Phi Phi Island diving centres that can help you become certified and experienced with the comfort of knowing language will not be an issue.

Once you are certified and gain experience and confidence you will have an entirely new perspective on diving and you will also be fond of Phi Phi Island diving. From the magnificent coral reefs to incredible sea life to other hidden treasures, Phi Phi diving is unlike diving anywhere else in the world.

Phi Phi Diving: Day Trips or Full Diving Trips for the Swedish

Phi Phi diving is popular enough to attract Swedish Day Trippers to the islands as well as those looking to spend several days exploring different islands and dive sites. Swedish Day Trippers visiting Krabi and Phuket often enjoy a trip to Phi Phi Island to enjoy diving because of the catering to them and their language. Many Swedish visitors to Thailand plan their trip around the desire to learn to dive on Phi Phi Island.

One of the most unique aspects of the diving available on Phi Phi Island is the fact that because Phi Phi is a tourist destination there are dive centres that offer training in multiple languages including English, Swedish, German, Korean and Japanese among other languages.

The Swedish appreciate the fact that the knowledgeable and friendly instructors and staff at the diver centres make a concerted effort to help them enjoy their holiday and learn to dive so they can experience magnificent Phi Phi diving.

Phi Phi Island Diving: Island Paradise for the Swedish

Phi Phi is an island paradise with a lot to offer the Swedish. Affordable and high caliber hotels and resorts, great restaurants and bars, wonderful entertainment and recreation all attract holiday travelers to Phi Phi Island when you want to get away from Sweden for a holiday. The magnificent beaches delight sun worshippers and swimmers while the diving makes Phi Phi diving a delight to all Sweden who appreciates diving. Learn to dive in Phi Phi Island and enjoy the wonderful world of Phi Phi diving.

Dive instruction in other languages on Phi Phi

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2010

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Phi Phi Island's Barakuda Diving
Barakuda Dive Center in the Phi Phi Don village
Barracuda Dive Shop Phi Phi Island
Barracuda Dive Shop Phi Phi Island