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Diary Blue View Diving (2006 February)

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White Eyed Moray Eel

The island has calmed down a bit after the busy month of January. The dive shop is now running very well, which means that I get to go out and dive more. As well as diving, I had the pleasure of my dad coming over to visit me here.

It is always nice to have friends and family come out, far better they come here, than me going back home! I have found that it takes people a few days to relax into the pace of life on the island. My dad is becoming a dab hand at it all though. Most people seem to think that Phi Phi is a younger person’s island, but there is plenty to do for the slightly more mature crowd. He is happiest out at sea, so we have been doing trips on our longtail boat. He was really excited to see the boat as we named her Kathleen, after his mother who died a few months ago.

Re-opening of Le Grand Bleu Restaurant on Phi Phi

We have been eating out every night. Le Grand Bleu has recently reopened. This Thai/ French restaurant is probably the best on the island. The building is designed as a traditional, wooden Thai building, decorated in flowers and Buddha images… and the food is not bad either, plus they do the best capharina on the island! Dad has also been enjoying the wealth of seafood here. Please note when you come out here, to not eat any shark. The black tip reef shark is sometimes seen on the restaurant tables, but, less and less in the sea (as famously said ‘if the buying stops the killing can too’).

Phi Phi football tournament

During this month there was a Phi Phi football tournament. This event happens a few times each year, and different businesses on the island sponsor different island teams. Blue View Divers, this year sponsored the Chao Lay team. The Chao Lay, are the island sea gypsies. They migrated to the island from Koh Lipe, an island south of Phi Phi. The Chao Lay make their money through fishing, and live a quiet life, away from the hustle of the tourists. Their lifestyle is still similar to their ancestors of years gone by.

Sea Gypsy community at Laem Tong Beach

Phi Phis main Chao Lay community is based on Laem Tong Beach up near the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort and Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island. Here there is a Sea Gypsy Museum, and memorial stone that can be visited. From what I understand is the Thai Royal Family have awarded the Sea Gypsy the rocks around the shores of the islands to live from. As they are sea people, their livelihoods stemming from the sea, they need their dwellings to be close by. Chao Lay living inland would literally be like a fish out of water.

Anyway, the Chao Lay football team did well in the tournament, and had good support. They will be playing again in a tournament in May… so fingers crossed for next time!!

Clare, Blue View Divers

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Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012

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