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Diary Blue View Diving (2006 April)

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Blue View Divers On Phi Phi Island Longtail Boats

It has been a hot, hot month!!! Mid April hosts the holiday of Songkran, Thai New year. It is the most welcomed of Thai holidays, as the celebration has now become a full on water fight, which is relief from the heat. Traditionally, it is a family holiday where all the family members gather to show their respect to the elders.

The younger generations do this by pouring scented water over the hands of the older generations; the elders return the gesture by wishing the youngsters prosperity and luck. Buddhists also perform bathing rights on images of Buddha and monks. After the formalities take place, then the water fight ensues….

It is a time when the community comes together and has fun. It is for us a break from work, shops are closed for the day to prevent damage… so, we are all forced to join in! Can’t be a bad thing!

So, apart from being hot and wet April has a lot to offer...

Diving around Phi Phi in April

The Phi Phi Diving has been excellent. I have even been diving!!(yeah) I started teaching our first Thai intern, Tee. He is helping in the shop 10 days a month, and in return I will endeavour to teach him to Dive Master level. We completed his Open Water course this month. He was so excited to try the diving here on Phi Phi, and he saw loads….. Leopard sharks, moray eels, barracuda, trigger fish, trevallies etc.

We have been lucky to have trips out to Hin Daeng and the King Cruiser wreck. Our divers who went to Hin Daeng saw manta rays playing…which is an awesome sight. Hin Daeng is a dive site 70km due south of Phi Phi. It is an open ocean site that attracts the larger pelagic fish. A few weeks before Lisa, our Dive Master swam with the massive whale shark there too!

So, life on the island is a good as ever. We are now about to enter into ‘low season’, which personally is my favourite time of year. The atmosphere of the island changes, and everyone begins to chill out more. We are lucky to be spared the weather from Phuket and Krabi, normally only getting rain in the evening.

I am off to on a live aboard trip to the southern islands to dive….so, I am very excited about that. I will fill you in about how that went next month.

Clare, Blue View Divers

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Last Updated: 08 Mar 2010

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Blue View Divers On Phi Phi Island Longtail Boats
Blue View Divers On Phi Phi Island Longtail Boats
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Blue View Divers On Phi Phi Island Longtail Boats