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Phi Phi Island Diving | Fun Dives and course with Mosquito Diving, Phi Phi Island
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Over the last 8 years I have dived with Moskito (Mosquito) Diving as an advanced student and a fun diver and never enjoyed diving more. Based in the old village near the pier Moskito (Mosquito) Diving has a long history of quality diving school serving the community

Moskito (Mosquito) Owner

Heinz Oswald has maintained a superb dive school at the very highest standards and has always been the first to keep innovation and quality his trademark.

Just the briefest of walks around his school shows an attention to detail and engineering sincerity.

Dive Instructors and Divemasters

That said, what about the diving, the human element, the marine life.

Through Ian Pullen, the manager, the Dive Instructors and Divemasters have given a highly professional service, having themselves been chosen from the top in their fields or class.

As each season progressed the same core dive team stayed each year at Moskito (Mosquito) diving and have been the bedrock of there success. In peak seasons quality instructors have been added to the team only after they met the high standards of Moskito (Mosquito).

Moskito (Mosquito)Boats on Phi Phi

There are 2 Moskito (Mosquito) dive day boats that operate on Phi Phi Island (the third Excalibur only primarily works in low season as in high season it is in the Similans). As modified Thai boats they have meticulously honed for diving making a safe, comfortable experience.


The Moskito (Mosquito) liveaboard Excalibur is one of the top dive vessels in the Andaman Sea and priced at Phi Phi Island prices one of the best buys for Similan diving.


The Moskito (Mosquito) now run a superb IDC course to train up divemasters to fully PADI certifiedinstructors. This happens every year and you should contact them direct to find out more about their impressive range and detail of their IDC courses.

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2010

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Dive boat for a Phi Phi Island Padi IDC
Phi Phi Island PADI IDC with Moskito Diving
Phi Phi Island Padi IDC
Phi Phi Island Padi IDC