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Phi Phi Ferry Pier by night

Getting to Phi Phi Island may seem like an adventure to some but it is all part of an amazing Phi Phi Island holiday. Phi Phi Island can only be gotten to by boat or ferry. You can not drive to Phi Phi Island, you cannot fly to Phi Phi Island, you can not go by helicopter or by walking. You need to go to the Phi Phi Pier and catch a ferry or a boat to this wonderful island paradise.

Phi Phi Island has no cars, no buses, no trains, no public transportation other than some longtail boat that take you from Beach to beach. This very fact makes Phi Phi Island an amazing destination for people looking to get away from reality and enjoy a little fantasy on this great, exotic island.

Recharge your batteries, enjoy some great food, accommodations and activities during your holiday. Once you arrive at Phi Phi Pier on your way to the island your mind will nearly immediately shift gears as you put the stresses of everyday life behind you and you start to enjoy your holiday.

Phi Phi Pier - Ferry or Boat Options

The most economic way to get to Phi Phi Island from the pier is by one of the ferries, unless of course your hotels or resorts offers a free boat charter. You can take one of the scheduled ferries or you can charter a boat or take a water taxi to the island.

If it is within your budget you will probably want to take a water taxi or boat charter. This is a fun way to start your holiday and if you get the right boat captain you will have a fun time on your way over to your holiday island.

The ferries run somewhat infrequently but they do run on a schedule. Rather than waste time waiting for a ferry you should price different charters and water taxis and see if you can negotiate a price within your budget. The experience of chartering a boat and heading over to the island will just be another mini-adventure during your holiday on wonderful Phi Phi Island.

Last Updated: 28 May 2012

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Phi Phi Ferry Pier
Phi Phi Ferry Pier

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