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Bangkok to Phi Phi island

Phi Phi Island Transport | Getting from Bangkok to Phi Phi island

Bangkok to Phi Phi island is the key route if you are arriving in in Thailand at the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok and need to visit one of the country’s most famous and beautiful landmarks. Bangkok to Phi Phi island takes you from one of the world’s largest metropolis to one of the smallest tourist destinations, a place so small it has no cars.

Bangkok to Phi Phi island

The Bangkok to Phi Phi island journey is often set well before you arrive in Thailand. The notoriety of Phi Phi Island means the whole world has her in it's sights. The impression that the movie 'The Beach' made on worldwide opinion has made the island a mecca for all those who wish for startling scenery and those movie people who can’t resist treading in the footsteps of Hollywood.

On top of all, Phi Phi island is one of the top 3 diving centres in Thailand with 20 km of coral reef and over 20 diving schools there to show you the best of the marine parks. In addition Phi Phi don village is a fun centre of cafes, restaurants and beach bars making it a lively place to stay. Phi Phi has a vast range of accommodation giving you everything from the 4 star Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island to the cheapest The Rock Backpacker which puts you up dormitory style. This eclectic mix of beauty, elegance and budget travel makes for a wonderfully unique experience.

Bangkok to Phi Phi island by plane

Getting from Bangkok to Phi Phi island, chances are you are starting at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. From here you can take 13 flights a day to Phuket International Airport in high season (November to April 30th) and 9 a day for the rest of the year. From here you take a taxi or bus to Rasada Pier and then ferry or speedboat to Phi Phi Don. For the transfer details see Phuket airport to Phi Phi.

Bangkok to Phi Phi island by train

Bangkok to Phi Phi island by train is a whole different journey in speed and style. Taking the old rail route south you go through some delightful country untouched by the development along the roads. At a steady 50 mile per hour the 12 hour the calming passage is a taste of how the world was before all the rush of the modern age. The sleeper cars are available in fan or air-conditioning and the first class is a private cabin. The train leaves Hualongpong Station in Bangkok in the evening and arrives in Surat Thani at first light. From here you need to take the bus over to Krabi town where you board your ferry to Phi Phi Island at 13.30.

Bangkok to Phi Phi island by bus

Bangkok to Phi Phi island by bus takes you from the south west bus station in Bangkok or from the specialist travel locations like Khao San Road. Buses from Bangkok take you to Phuket or Krabi town and from here you can join the ferries to Phi Phi Island. See the Phi Phi ferry link.

Last Updated: 09 May 2012

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