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Phi Phi Island Attractions | A gyuide to Phi Phi Island View Point Thailand
Phi Phi Ley Island from View Point

Some of Phi Phi Islands most memorable views can be seen at the View Point. The classic dumbbell shape of Phi Phi Don Village squeezed between Tonsai Bay and Loh Dalum framed by towering cliffs is a picture taken and used on more postcards and posters of Thailand than Maya Bay. Under a canopy of coconut trees the village bazaar hums with intrigue and exotic charms... A classic view point.

From the Phi Phi Viewpoint, Phuket Island can be seen to the West, Koh Yao to the north, Phi Phi Ley to the south east and Koh Ha (only visible from the View Point) to the south.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Sunsets

Due to the walls of Tonsai Towers there is no sunset, where the sun drops into at the sea, at any of the hotels, resorts and bungalows in Phi Phi Don Village. This invites an early evening pilgrimage leaving the valley from 4.30 pm to slowly stroll the 25-50 minutes to the top.

Sunset arrives between 6.30pm and 6.50pm depending on the time of the year. The sun drops into the Indian Ocean in between Phi Phi Don and the southern part of Phuket Island.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Sunrise

Many Asian tourists, especially the Thais do the walk at first light when it is cooler and quieter. The glorious sunrise baths the entire Phi Phi Don cliffs in a brilliant sunlight.

History of the Viewpoint trail

First appeared as a general look out place spotted by tourists in the early 80ís. It was in fact just a clearing next to some large flat granite rocks on a track over to Runtee Bay.

By the early 90ís a series of tracks leading through Pee Pee View Point 1 had carved a water eroded track up to the coconut plantation lead to the rocks where a small shack sold water.

In 1994 the government had built a concrete stepped route over the steepest section leading from Pee Pee View Point 2 (Opposite Phi Phi Villa Bungalows). Some how the coconut plantation owners had got a motor bike and sidecar up and over steep section and were able to supply the now prospering view point shop. The government built an official roofed watching lookout 40 meters from the rocks and View Point shop.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2010

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Phi Phi Island Viewpoint view
Phi Phi Don Island half way up to the viewpoint
Phi Phi Tonsai Bay
Close up of Phi Phi Don Cliffs