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Phi Phi Island Viewpoint

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Phi Phi Ley Island from View Point

Phi Phi Viewpoint is a walk, place and resort. The pictures below are taken from the famous Phi Phi viewpoint which is at the top of the eastern part of Phi Phi Don.

This viewpoint shows Lodalum Bay, Tonsai Bay, and the Phi Phi Don cliffs. The walk to the top takes between 20 minutes if you are pretty fit (olympic...!) and for most folks around an hour up and 30 minutes down.

There is a cafe at the top for drinks but the view is quiet extraordinary.

To the south of Phi Phi you can see Koh Ha and the Bida Islands which are just south of Phi Phi Ley. These three places are superb Phi Phi diving destinations.

Behind the the Phi Phi View Point is the pay down to Runtee Bay where the famous Relax Bungalows let you soak up the tranquility.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011