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Loh Bagao on Phi Phi Island

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Old panorama shot of Loh Bagao on Phi Phi Island

Loh Bagao is the name of one of Phi Phi Islandís best beaches.

Half-way up the eastern shore of Phi Phi Don, Loh Bagao is a large bowl shaped perfect beach with two headlands either side. The back of Loh Bagao is framed by some glorious limestone cliffs covered with tropical jungle.

The main resort on Loh Bagao is Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa which covers 95% of the foreshore and is both dominant and pretty much synonymous for the Loh Bagaoís name. This 4 star resort has all the quality you would need to have a perfect get away experience and is often Phi Phi resort of choice for Honeymoon couples.

The perfect sandy and palm covered beaches stretch some 500 meters from north to south and the reef is about 250 meters from the resort.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011