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Phi Phi Island Attractions | Phi Phi attractions on water and land
Phi Phi Ley Island from View Point

Whether in the water or on land, Phi Phi Island sights will give you much to write home about. Phi Phi Island sightseeing will fill your holiday with excitement and wonder, and give you a new outlook on life. Tranquil water, plunging cliffs and lush rain forests are some of the amazing Phi Phi Island sights you will see on your trip. With so much beauty surrounding you, it will be difficult to tire of Phi Phi Island sightseeing.

Sights in the waters around the Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island sightseeing will put you up close and personal with immaculate beaches and dazzling green-blue pools of water. Colorful cave fish and extraordinary sea plants are some of the natural Phi Phi Island sights you will enjoy while Phi Phi Island sightseeing. Take a dip in the warm, placid water or go underneath to meet varieties of tropical fish. Phi Phi Island sights beneath the surface of the water will excite and surprise you. Enjoy a lengthy swim or partake in a boat tour, where Phi Phi Island sightseeing is at its best.

Diving or snorkeling on Phi Phi Island

Dive or snorkel around Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don, where you can experience Phi Phi Island sights first-hand. Shark-watching cruises are available on speed and long-tail boats, and lessons are given on scuba-diving for all ages.

Maya Bay, The Beach and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley is where the movie "The Beach" was filmed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and this is a real sight seeing magnet not least for it fame. In the movie the pristine jungle covered walls of Maya Bay are the setting for an amazing adventure for Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores paradise on this earth. The film wasn't a huge success but it really put Phi Phi Island on the map as having world class scenery.

Phi Phi sights on land

Some of the most stunning aspects of Phi Phi Island sights are its pronounced cliffs and exquisite rain forest. Trek along hillside trails to reach fantastic panoramas of the Island. Phi Phi Island sightseeing is best done when you allow yourself enough time to enjoy your surroundings, taking in every aspect of nature.

At the top of Tonsai, you will revel in the glorious Phi Phi Island sights. Limestone mountainsides and spectacular views will be your reward at the end of a long, satisfying trek. Rantee Beach, Pak Nam Beach and Ao Toh Koh are a few more destinations reachable by Tonsai. The more adventurous you are, the more Phi Phi Island sights you will see!

Sightseeing on Phi Phi Island

Yet, there is also much to see for the less-adventurous types. Phi Phi Island sightseeing can be done in town, where charming stores and luxurious beach resorts give visitors plenty to do. Days can be spent window shopping, sun-bathing, bird-watching or just relaxing by the hotel pool.

One thing is for sure: there is no shortage of Phi Phi Island sights to enjoy, and Phi Phi Island sightseeing is something that you will not forget!

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2010

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