Phi Phi Paradise Pearl


Phi Phi Paradise Pearl

Overview of Phi Phi Paradise Pearl

The Phi Phi Paradise Pearl Resort is on the mesmerizing Long Beach on Phi Phi Don and this location alone offers a world class experience... this is paradise.

Long Beach is cut off from the rest of Phi Phi Don and is mostly accessible by boat from the main pier area at Tonsai Village. The beach is 350 meters long and apart form the other 4 resorts... that's it. No cars, no shopping thorough fares, in fact, pretty much, no walking. There is no where else to go except down to the beach. If this sounds like you then Long Beach may be what you are looking for....!

The family run resort offers a wide choice of rooms reflecting the differing rooms sizes and their proximity in relation to the beach. The new Deluxe rooms are the latest category and best finished.

Take in the sounds of the sea lapping on the beach as you take a breakfast or evening meal as the sun goes down.


Photos of Phi Phi Paradise Pearl