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Thai Boxing fights at Reggae Bar Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai brings together the art, the sport, the spectacle of Thai Boxing, as well as the bar scene. The excitement, the heat and sweat of one man versus man (or women) in a ring cheered on by a crowd is enough to make Muay Thai quite a major attraction in the main village on the island.

Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai is a mix of the art and fun. The famous Reggae Bay has a cauldron of an atmosphere that brings out the best of a night. From training fights to real fights the atmosphere is great and teaches people who are new to Muay Thai a little bit about the martial art.

Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai is also taught at the Asawindum boxing stadium which is on the edge of the village behind the dam or Phi Phi Gypsy Village.

Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai at the Reggae Bar

Most nights at the Reggae Bar, the in house fighters will go through their paces at 85% of intensity. This 85% is still such a blur of speed it is difficult to tell whether it is real or not. Often someone gets hit hard and what starts as a 'friendly for the tourists' turns into full on confrontation. This is what gives Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai it's name. However there is more.

Every now and again The Reggae bar puts on a proper and fully fledged flight which is paid for by sponsors. Fighters from Nakron Si Thamarrat and sometimes Bangkok are invited down to go against the local in-house fighters. These nights are real energy. As well as a furious fight guaranteed you will have 50 or more local guys down to support and gamble. The noise is deafening and atmosphere electric.

Finally the Reggae bar has something that makes it unique in the world. The 'compair' comes around with a sign which has the most extraordinary offer on it. If you get in the ring and do a fight, there and then, you will win a whiskey bucket for your troubles. The offer is mainly aimed at friends travelling together but can have guys with real experience who challenge all comers. This process is started at 10.30 after people have had a drink. Every night there are volunteers. It really is magical theatre. Nights at the Reggae Bar are not to be missed.

Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai Asawindum boxing stadium

The Asawindum boxing stadium is the Koh Phi Phi Muay Thai school where travellers come to train and improve their fighting skills. The discipline needed to train hard in the heat and humidity makes this a strong challenge. There is a continual flow of fighters coming to stay at the islands as the island is one of the highlights of people visit to Thailand. This ensures a steady flow of sparring partners making a 3 week or more stop here an interesting experience. For people thinking to stop a while make sure you check into as they have a free night deal on their Phi Phi Hotel Deals for long stay visitors in any accommodation.

Last Updated: 15 Jun 2012