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Ogging Accross Near Arida Behind The Hospital

Jogging or running on Phi Phi Island. Jogging and running can be a key part of holiday maker's lifestyle. This article describes morning runs made in late December 2010 taking in some of the best sights of the islands. Just do it!

Jogging and runnning have long since been a hobby of mine and I have used it too explore the Phi Phi Don island to some good effect. The buzz of the island early in the morning when the fishermen are bringing in their catch and the market gets going, that soft golden sun when the day is full of hope and expectancy, the brilliant views of the Tonsai cliffs as the sun rises, make Phi Phi Island jogging pretty special.

Loh Dalum Jogging

Most people I see jogging on Phi Phi Don Village go up and down Loh Dalum beach(sandy and hardwork) or Tonsai bay (mostly paved) or both these beaches if you have the distance in you. Loh Dalum beach is the northern beach and is about a mile (1.5km) long. The sand is firm at the waters edge but can be quite soft and hard going in some conditions. The views up towards Nui Bay rocks and the edge of Monkey beach are a delight.

Tonsai Bay Jogging

Tonsai Bay is good for jogging along the pavement all the way from the Tonsai Tower cliffs, past the Phi Phi hospital, Phi Phi Cabana Hotel, the pier, main village. The route extends east along the shore past the police station to Phi Phi Don Chuket Resort restaurant at the point. It then continues on again past the Mosque and 4 quiet resorts to Andaman Beach Resort next to the Phi Phi School. This route is paved and about 1.5 miles (2.8km) and makes for a lovely route. This bay gets you views of Tonsai Bay the Phi Phi Don Cliffs and Phi Phi Ley to the south.

Long Beach extension

If you have the off road desire you can get round to Long beach past Bayview, Ayaraburi and Maphrao Resorts and cut through past Viking natures Resort to get to the headland overlooking Long beach. There are longtails on Long Beach at 100 THB per person taking you back to the village. This Long beach extension is another 1km but requires some simple boulder hopping, not ideal if you are a flat road jogger. It is however easier at low tide when you can jogg on the beach and skip the trickier bits.

Tonsai Bay to Loh Dalum loops

You can of course cross over and make jogging loops from Tonsai Bay to Loh Dalum and back. There are many cross over places in the village which are obvious but also one down on Tonsai Bay just after the Phi Phi Hospital and the cliffs at an area called Arida. The other cross overpoint on Tonsai Bay runs from the main Mosque past Chunut House Resort to PP Casita Resort.

Tsunami Village road

The government built a road up from the Bamboo Mountain Resort area to the tsunami village high up on the hill and every morning and early evening local people can be seen walking or jogging up and down it. This paved route is about 1.5 miles or 2.8km and is hilly. Near the top there is a unpaved road and simply marked that follows the electric line to the View Point where you can get a bottle of water and snacks. The return to the village along the View Point track is straight forward but has a steep concrete steps section.

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2012

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Ogging Accross Near Arida Behind The Hospital