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One day snorkeling tour from Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Activities | One day Snorkeling tour
Sergent Major near Phi Phi Island

Probably the most enduring tour of Phi Phi island for those who are sleeping on the island is the definitive one day tour of Phi Phi. This tour is a sightseeing and snorkeling tour and takes you to the main snorkel stops for that season.

In the high season the wind comes from the north east and in the low season the weather comes from the West and so the reefs and bays accessible and or in good condition will vary. On a totally calm day (most of high season) you will be able to get to all the main reefs and enjoy a 30 minute snorkel in each.

The one consistent is the stop for lunch at Bamboo island and here you can enjoy the natural surroundings of the Phi Phi National Park. If you are lucky perhaps you can get a get a glimpse of a dolphin pod passing through the island archipelago.

2 Types of one day tour of Phi Phi

There are 2 basic one day tours, one from the traditional longtail boat and one from the converted fishing boat. The longtail has the long prow with lucky and colorful scarves and the long prop trailing to the rear. The driving style is most individual and is an experience. The converted fishing boat is equally colorful with sundecks created to hang out and chill in-between the stops.

The Highlights of the One Day Tour from Phi Phi island

  • Everyone gathers at the travel agent where the ticket was bought and mask and fins fitted.
  • Everyone is lead down to the boat.
  • Heads for Phi Phi Ley. In the old days everybody on the one day tour would stop off at the Viking Cave to see where they farm the famous Birds Nest for the famous Chinese Soup but it has been decided that it is better for the future of the farming that tourist stay away to keep the harvest consistent.
  • Pi Ley bay is a dramatic fjord like bay with steep cliffs that hide an inlet accessible at high tide and a huge favorite with kayakers. The reef here is at the entrance and requires an exit straight from the boat, as opposed to walking in from the beach and swimming over the reef. This is the most common access to the snorkeling reefs as the reefs are at least 50 meters off shore. The boats have ladders and always a friendly member of staff to help you get back on board.
  • Loh Samah surprises you as you round the red cliffs off the southern edge of Phi Phi Ley. Here in a remote part of the Phi Phi's hides a small sandy bay with a reef and steep rocks with a wonderful range of minute shoaling fish.
  • Passing the 2 small rocky outcrop islands of Bida Nok and Bida Noi the boat moves round the cliffs to the jewel in the Phi Phi Ley collection Maya Bay. Maya Bay is where Leonardo Di Caprio shot the movie The Beach and though the movie Wizzards made a near perfect allusion of a circular lagoon, Maya Bay opens to Andaman Sea in a a glorious vista. The One Day Tour snorkels out at the reef and doesn't visit the beach but the day trippers from Phuket start arriving and it is best to move on.
  • After Maya bay and 3 snorkel stops the boats head for Bamboo Island where lunch is provided, usually a simple fare of fried rice, a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. The Bamboo Island National Park is an almost perfect circle with a sunglasses needing brilliant white sandy beach on the southern side. Ringing the island about 120 meters off shore is one of Phi Phi islands largest shallow offshore reefs.
  • On the return from Bamboo island you will pass Laem Tong and Loh Bagao where the prodigious resorts of Zeavola Resort, Holiday Inn Phi Phi island and Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa
  • The final stop before returning to the main pier is at shark point where some of the islands best reefs show off their best coral gardens.

Approximate time 6 hours.

To Bring; A Smile, A camera, sun cream and a hat!

Last Updated: 28 May 2012

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