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Phi Phi Viking Cave

Phi Phi Island Attractions | Adventure Awaits at Viking Cave Phi Phi Island
Birds nest collection at Viking Cave Phi Phi

Viking cave Phi Phi Island is perhaps one of the largest tourist draws in the area. It has everything a visitor could want: beauty, history, relaxation, and adventure. Located on the Island of Phi Phi Lei, the cave is filled with striking, uninhabited beauty.

The Attraction of Viking Cave Phi Phi Island

If you are wondering what attracts visitors to Viking Cave it is usually the profound beauty. There is no beach area on this part of Phi Phi Ley. The island simply juts abruptly into the sea. The actual cave is 3.2 square kilometers large. This Phi Phi Ley cave got it's name from the Viking ship cave drawings on the wall. The inhabitants of Viking Cave create the most amazing feature. Thousands of swallows live on top of the 15 meter high ledges. The collecting of the bird's nests is a regular demonstration on guided tours.

Rock Climbing at Viking Cave Phi Phi Island

Adventure seekers should take a look at the rock climbing possibilities at Viking Cave Phi Phi Island. No where else on Phi Phi Island is Rock Climbing so developed. Here you can see local climbers risk their lives while they scale the rocky walls of Viking Cave. They use no rope to tie themselves for safety. They simply climb up simple bamboo scaffolding. These rock climbers are there to show tourists how they work to collect the ingredients for Chinese Bird's Nest Soup.

The Climate of Viking Cave Phi Phi Island

Many tourists ask about the climate of the Phi Phi Island area before making the long journey. Most seasons are quite beautiful, however there are a few months out of the year that are more conducive for outdoor excursions. For instance, during the month of June through the month of September, temperatures are about right for tourist travel. They reach about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, each day you can expect an 80% chance of rain. Although it will not rain all day, some tourists prefer to come during the less rainy season. October through March is generally the best time to visit Viking Cave Phi Phi Island. The rainfall is quite low and the temperature stays at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, visitors may want to steer clear of the April and May months since this time can become extremely hot and humid.

Viking Cave Phi Phi Island has something for everyone. Thrill seekers marvel at the treacherous rock climbing, while relaxing vacationers can take in the beauty and history of the cave. When traveling to Phi Phi Island, this is a stop no one should miss.

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2010

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