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Reggae Bar on Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Nightlife | Reggae Bar on Phi Phi Island is almost as much an institutio
 Reggae Bar Fight Nights From The Balcony

The biggest, noisiest and probably the most fun, The Reggae Bar on Phi Phi Island is more of an entertainment complex. Measuring 25 meters by 75m it's getting near the size of a small football pitch and when it's busy..... boy is it a big night.

As many other smaller bars on the island close up 9 times out of 10 people move on to the Reggae as it seems to lift at about 12pm. The energy, the dancing is intense.... the night rolls on to morning.

Reggae Bar's History on Phi Phi

The Reggae Bar started as the Harmony Bar in 1997 on the main street to view point, 30 meters from it's present entrance.

As a simple bar it created a modest following. When the contract on the lease came up the Owners Pi Owen (Mr Fat's) and Wina bought a lease on the side of the hill and made the Reggae.

All local people thought they were crazy to build on a hill as they thought nobody would walk up hill. How wrong they were.

Present Reggae

The bar got so busy they leased the land in front of the bar. They have tried a restaurant "Marleys" which didn't quite hit the mark but apart form that small set back everything they have done has brought success.

The guesthouse is the perfect crash pad for the party animal. Live Music pumps the atmosphere early on. The Thai boxing shows, some staged, many real, fascinate the bar and finally the dance makes it happen till dawn...

2010 Jan. In the ever evolving Reggae Bar the guesthouse has gone as there are too many hotels and resorts in Tonsai and The Reggae Bar focuses on Thai boxing and a bit of the football showings. Now you can put on some gloves and try a bout for yourself and this has proved very popular and entertaining.

Last Updated: 24 Feb 2010

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Reggae Bar Phi Phi ringside
Reggae Bar Phi Phi muay thai fights
Reggae Bar fighter in the Red Corner
Working Up A Sweat during fight night at Reggae Bar Phi Phi