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Beachfront of Carlitos Bar on Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi Carlitos right on the Tonsai Bay beachfront is the perfect place to hang out and watch the day go by in paradise. Right on the beach, you can kick off your shoes and feel the warm sand between your toes. In the evening Carlitos bar has Thai and Scandinavian DJs and is quite the place to meet up with friends and check out what's happening on the island.

The Koh Phi Phi Carlitos was the first independent beachfront bar on Phi Phi on Tonsai Bay and has a brilliant position facing out to Phi Phi Don cliffs and Phi Phi Ley Island in the distance. Set up by the enigmatic Carl, the bar blazed a path of fun and partying from the minute it opened.

The main path from the pier and the village to the school and Long Beach runs through the middle of the bar ensuring a continual flow of life to watch and admire. Koh Phi Phi Carlitos specializes as the bar on the pulse of the island, a place where divers and locals meet alongside travellers and backpackers to soak in the atmosphere of paradise.

Koh Phi Phi Carlitos days

During the day Koh Phi Phi Carlitos plays the perfect mix of tropical beach music like 'reggaeton to house to oldies and everything in between'. The idea is to relax and take it easy, maybe suck on a beer, sip a cocktail or even try on the Carlitos bucket.

The evening starts at Koh Phi Phi Carlitos when the sun goes down. The fire show where fire chains are set alight are swirled around at great speed and with great skill, is a dazzling and mesmerizing spectacle. Just sitting back and gazing into the whirling fire, one’s mind wonders and sinks further and further into paradise. True bliss.

As the evening draws on and the stars light up the sky, Koh Phi Phi Carlitos seems to shift a gear and the atmosphere definitely builds. The skills of the DJs are never quite appreciated enough but as you move to the rhythm and feel beat, the need to dance becomes more and more overwhelming. The nights often end up in brilliant coming together of all the favourite tunes of the day, a great party had by all.

Koh Phi Phi Carlitos activities

If you are not one for sitting still Koh Phi Phi Carlitos has a wide selection of things to do. The yoga, learning to swing the fire chains used in the fire show, Thai boxing or relaxing with a game of Backgammon all add to the mood of a place where 'it-is-at'. For those who want to stay connected Koh Phi Phi Carlitos has free Wireless Internet.

Koh Phi Phi Carlitos and the seafood

Koh Phi Phi Carlitos is lucky enough to be close to 3 of the best seafood restaurants right on Tonsai Beach. Here you can choose from freshly caught fish to shell fish to curries Bar BQ and a lot, lot more. Eating in Thailand is one of the countries key attractions and the seafood restaurants and Chao Koh add to that reputation.

Staying near Koh Phi Phi Carlitos

The 2 star Chao Koh Phi Phi Lodge is a simple family run series of beach bungalows close to Koh Phi Phi Carlitos. Another resort to stay at, just another 20 meters further on, is the 3 star Phi Phi Banyan Villa which is part of the Phi Phi Hotel group.

Last Updated: 08 Jun 2012

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Bar of the Phi Phi Carlitos Bar and Restaurant
Phi Phi Carlitos Bar and Restaurant
Beachfront of Carlitos Bar on Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Carlitos Bar and Restaurant