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Big Nights at Phi Phi Hippies Bar

Phi Phi Island Nightlife | Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island
Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island

The night life at Phi Phi Hippies Bar is unique. The Phi Phi Hippies Bar is the happening place. It is one of the most popular restaurant (Thai seafood), bars and clubs on the island. (Since this article has been written the Hippies Bar has changed out of sight and is no longer as busy as it was.)

Located at the Tonsai beachfront near the Phi Phi Villa resort, you can enjoy a cool beer or a cocktail and during the day you gaze out onto the cliffs of Phi Phi Don or spy Phi Ph Ley in the distance.

The Phi Phi Hippies Bar gives you an eclectic range of music from Sea Gypsies music, Rock n’ Roll to full on anthems and classics of the dance scene. Whether you motown, U2, P. Didi and want to Bump, Bump, Bump all night long, the Phi Phi Hippies Bar plays it all. Any night of the year can crank up to a full New year Eve emotion... pandemonium!!!

Party-time at Hippies Bar Phi Phi

At the Phi Phi Hippies Bar there is a fire show every night at 9 pm-11pm or some time starting at 11pm.... You'd think it was the highlight of the evening but as the tempo of the music climaxes, the fire show performers swirl their lit-up firebrands faster and faster, giving the onlooker an amazing high. As long as the music plays, they display their juggling skills keeping up with the tempo as if wired to the blaring music source. As the music slows down, the fire performers slow down their action.

The whole sequence can make the onlooker a bit dizzy, but the firebrands continue to move at the beat of the music. They perform effortlessly and tirelessly, providing the much sought out entertainment for the night reveler. As the strobe lights at Phi Phi Hippies bar hit you, they will produce in you enough energy to boogie your way all through the night. The food and drinks are excellent.

Twice a month, half-moon parties are held at the beach where you can dance to trance music and tribal beats. Foreign dancing troupes and artists are a regular feature. The Phi Phi Hippies Bar has the latest sound system and high tech equipment to enhance your listening pleasure. The music stops at 2 am, but the bar continues to serve its customers, for whom it is not yet time to hit the sack. If you want to carry on, you won't be moved out you just move down to the beach...

So if you want to see Phi Phi’s night life at its best, get to the Phi Phi Hippies Bar.

Hippies Bar During the day time

The amazing topography of the Phi Phi Islands provides ample opportunity for day-time adventure sports. Diving and snorkeling are at its best. You have access to the best diving schools in South East Asia. You can also go in for rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, sailing. Other popular activities include sun bathing, relaxing, reading and eating.

If however that's a bit too much, a bit bit too touristy for you, just kick back and enjoy a beer and watch the day go by at the Hippies bar beach.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2010

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Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island beachfront
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Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island
Hippies Bar on Phi Phi Island