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Jordan's Irish Bar in Phi Phi Tonsai

Phi Phi Island Nightlife | Jordans Irish Bar at the heart of the main village
Phi Phi Irish Bar

Jordan’s Irish Bar at the heart of the main village has the ideal location for an afternoon pint or an evening out with your friends. Down in the restaurant and bar zone this lively bar matches the best of the zesty. The Irish is also the main air con venue for a drink, very cool in those really humid nights!

The atmosphere varies considerably during the days between the quiet murmur of talk at breakfast over coffee to the frenetic party scene at night. The energy and soul of Jordan’s Irish Bar comes from the founder Brian Jordon who brought together the best of his country and the fast pace of a good night out.

Since then there has been a “whose who” of party people making the effort to get down and be sociable, after all diving and snorkeling is thirsty work.

Live Music at Jordan's Irish bar

Live music comes to town most seasons and the music is an eclectic mix of traditional Irish and pure party. Be prepared for anything….. The in-house DJ, “Chai” ensures that most night people get off their seats and are dancing till 1am.

Jordan's Irish bar's menu

The menu is well priced with a bottle of Carlsberg costing 80 THB and a Pint of Guinness costing 350 THB (it comes a long way…..), cocktails whose names I can’t mention here ;) and the emotion of whatever you are drinking, is magic.

As my old diving friend, Robert, used to say, it’s about the bar and the Jordan’s Irish Bar has a cracker. The island bar shape means that everybody is facing each other, everybody competing for the best story.

Be advised to get in early if you want a place at the bar as these seats can be gold. The outer tables have their own atmosphere but for me, I’m with Robert at the bar!

Location of Jordan's Irish Bar Phi Phi

This bar is in Tonsai Village and you will need to get a boat from Laem Tong (Zeavola Resort Phi Phi, Erawan, Natural, Holiday Inn), or Loh Bagao (Phi Phi Island Village), or Long Beach (Paradise, The Hill, The Beach).

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2010

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